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Social-emotional learning

Your SEL toolkit just got bigger

More students are struggling with mental health challenges than ever before. How are you providing ongoing support for your students?

All-in-one SEL kits give every student the tools they need to feel safe, seen, and centered. Plus, they make it easy for you to weave SEL into the school day without spending hours planning and prepping.

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Find new ways to boost social-emotional learning

Classroom kits

Stop spending time researching materials and get everything you need to infuse SEL into your lessons in one open-and-go kit.

Individual kits

Save prep time and ensure every student has access to the SEL and mental health supports they need, wherever they are.

Lesson plans

Browse cross-curricular, standards-aligned lesson plans and save planning time while finding new ways to engage students.

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Find new ways to support your students’ mental health, give them tools to deal with stress, and help them develop strong SEL skills.

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Find out how to make the most of your SEL funding

Get tips and recommendations for effective mental health and SEL supports in this comprehensive guide.

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