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At Nasco, we are committed to making the world a safer place by providing better products that produce better integrity in the results. We have become a trusted resource to the lab sampling industry by providing best-in-class solutions for the critical requirements of our customers and we value our shared commitment to setting a new standard in reliability.


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Whirl-Pak® Bags General Information

Developed over 60 years ago and made in the U.S.A., Whirl-Pak® bags were the first sterile sample bags on the market. Whirl-Pak® bags made possible the “universal sample system,” which means that a single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content, and legal compliance. Whirl-Pak® sample bags are a co-extrusion of low-density and linear low-density, virgin polyethylene, giving the bags two important characteristics:

  • Exceptionally clear film — easy to see through
  • Superior strength — unbreakable sample container

They may be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-solids, or solids. Whirl-Pak® bags are patented under Patent No. 2,973,131 and other patents pending. The film thickness varies from 2.25 mils (0.057 mm) to 4.0 mils (0.102 mm), depending on size and style. Because of the high-quality blended polyethylene, a high mil thickness is not required to achieve optimum strength.

  • Whirl-Pak® bags save 90% more space than other types of containers
  • Valuable space savings in the lab, vehicle, warehouse, etc.
  • Significant savings on shipping costs
  • Easy disposal after use

  • A felt-tip marker can be used to write on the plain bags
  • Regular pens or pencils can be used on the special write-on surface
  • Positive ID eliminates confusion and mistakes during testing and analysis procedures

  • By whirling or tightly folding the tab over three times, the Whirl-Pak® bag becomes a leak-proof container
  • Eliminates the loss of a valuable sample
  • Prevents impurities from entering the bag and contaminating the sample

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Proper sampling procedures are of vital importance. Laboratory findings are completely dependent on the quality of the sample collected. It is imperative that each sample be representative of the lot from which it came, and that it arrives at the laboratory in the same condition it was in at the collection point. There should be no change in chemical, physical, or biological character. To show the excellent qualities of these bags, free trial samples are available upon request. You will enjoy the ease with which you can use Whirl-Pak® bags, and be amazed by their strength and versatility as well. Most importantly, you will see for yourself the cost-saving advantages of Nasco’s Whirl-Pak® sterile sample bags.  Email for a free sample.

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