Xenopus Frogs General Information

Nasco offers lab-bred Xenopus (pigmented and albino), Xenopus borealis, and Xenopus tropicalis

Nasco has outbred Nigerian Xenopus tropicalis frogs. These are from University of VA stock.

Nasco can also ship surgically extracted frog ovaries for your convenience. We will pack them in sterile ND-96 saline, ship on wet ice in insulated cartons, via Next Day Air A.M. Delivery.

Why risk your valuable research on wild-caught frogs of unknown origin? Such frogs could be of uncertain age, diet, and exposed to environmental pollutants or parasites.

All Xenopus animals in our colony have been lab-bred in our Wisconsin facility under stringent care. All are at least five generations removed from any wild-caught stock. These are vigorous animals selected for premium reproductive capacity and are raised exclusively on our custom frog diet, Nasco Frog Brittle, which is produced for us by Purina Mills®. Animals are maintained in well water at temperatures ranging from 16° C to 20° C. Nasco’s well water tests out at 340 mg/L hardness, 350 mg/L alkalinity, and 490 µmhos/cm conductivity. Note: µmhos/cm = µS/cm (microSiemans per centimeter).

Animals receive a 100% water change daily. The animals are very robust. We maximize animal husbandry to minimize health problems. In the rare event of injury, animals may be bathed in a mild saline solution to promote healing. We avoid use of antibacterial compounds so the usefulness of the animal as a research specimen is not compromised. A prophylactic parasiticidal treatment is given to all mature animals in the colony as standard procedure.*

*Source: Douglas, Dawson A., T. Wayne Schultz, and Edward C. Shroeder. “Laboratory Care and Breeding of the African Clawed Frog: Parasite Treatment.” Lab Animal 21.4 (April 1992):32.

  • Nasco maintains a closed colony
  • All Nasco Xenopus are lab-bred animals
  • None are captured from the wild
  • Good supplies of all Xenopus are available for immediate shipment!

Nasco has over 75 years experience providing living specimens worldwide for education and research! Whether starting a new project or continuing your present endeavor, do it with the company that can offer you robust animals reared utilizing Nasco’s superior animal husbandry protocol, selected to your specifications (i.e. age, weight, size, sex, etc.), and backed by a knowledgeable staff able to answer your animal care questions.

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