Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® - New Features
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® features 3 new sizes
  • 500 ml
  • 1,000 ml
  • 2,000 ml
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® features new wide flat wire
  • newly designed wire for a tighter seal
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® features new fold line
  • takes the guess work out of determining how far to whirl the bag to ensure a no-leak closure
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® features new fill lines
  • indicates the minimum water volume for your sample collection
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bags® features sodium thiosulfate included
  • manufactured with a sodium thiosulfate tablet for chlorine neutralization
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bag® the smart choice
  • Post-manufacturing sterilization
  • Opening pull tabs
  • Large opening for easy sample collection
  • Write-on strip makes labeling quick and easy
  • Stand-up bags allow you to use both hands while collecting or extracting samples
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Takes up less storage space
  • Easily transportable
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bag® Smarter Sustainability

Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags® deliver a cost effective, low environmental impact alternative to rigid material containers. When evaluating the life cycle of the products, our flexible material bags utilize less materials, energy, and water, providing a lower carbon footprint than traditional rigid material containers, all while keeping all the usable, dependable features you need to get the job done right. You never have to sacrifice standards with Whirl-Pak®.

Whirl-Pak® Thio-bag® the Whirl-Pak® Solution
  • Uses 5-10 times less material than rigid plastic containers, resulting in less fossil fuel use
  • Generates much lower GHG emissions
  • Uses less water in the manufacturing/conversion process
  • Lower environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle

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Environmental Impact

Across the attributes of Fossil Fuel, GHG Emissions, and Water Use.

The data represent one million containers shipped 1,000 km.

Whirl-Pak® Thio-bag® Environmental Impact Graph Key
Whirl-Pak® Thio-bag® Environmental Impact Graphs

Features & Benefits of Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags®

  • Usability
  • Durability
  • Versatility
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