Nasco’s new Transmission-Through-Dye (TTD) Light Microscope makes it easier to identify living microorganisms within debris found in lakes and ponds. This works by adding a nontoxic blue dye to a sample and shining a red light on it at a wavelength that is strongly absorbed by the dye.

Transmission-Through-Dye is a technique developed at Kent State University that is complementary to bright-field microscopy. The TTD microscope also functions as a regular microscope, allowing you to switch between red and standard white illumination.

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Red Illumination and White Illumination.
Magnification – eye piece magnification 10X. Magnification – multiply to get actual magnification. Lens magnification 4X, 10X, 40X. Light adjustment – higher lower light intensity. Fine adjustment – adjusts to focus point of the specimen. LED light – bright and cool.

ChemQuest® Blue Dye Refill
Use with Nasco TTD Light Microscope. 6ml.

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Glass Microscope Slides
Clear. Size 1 x 3 x 1.0 mm thick. Box of 72.

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Square Micro Cover Glasses
Ideal for use in laboratories where the best technical quality possible is desired at budget prices. These quality cover glasses are excellent for routine microscopy and school use. No. 1 thickness range: 0.13-0.17 mm.

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Glass Microscope Slides with Rounded Corners
No sharp corners! Pre-cleaned slides are made of quality sheet glass with ground edges. 75 x 25 x 1.0-1.2 mm thick. Box of 72 slides.

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