Guiding you toward an Easy, Enjoyable Shopping Experience

Sometimes navigating a new experience requires a little help, and with constant improvements to our new website, we want to help you experience all the new features we add for your benefit. This quick guide illustrates all the upgrades we've created to ensure you have an exceptional shopping experience.

Check Out Our Quick Order Feature

Quick Order

Product number in hand? Ready to buy? Use quick order … a solution to save you time.
You can build out and upload a CSV file of all your product needs, OR enter product number(s) on the page. If you have a quote number, you can apply "Discount Code" in the cart!

Quick Order »

My Lists

Want to build a wish list? Need to save items you purchase often?
Create as many lists as you want and save for later. You can add or delete items from your cart anytime. Add an entire list to your cart, or just one at a time. You can even share lists with friends and purchasing agents.

Create a List Today »
Build and Share lists, or save them for later.
Share your cart, the benefits are endless

Share Your Cart

Build out a cart, and share it with friends, purchasing agents, students, or parents.
By building out a cart, you’ll be able to see all of your discounts and a subtotal, including estimated shipping costs. Looking to collaborate? After you share your cart, the recipient can add all the items from your cart to theirs … it’s also an efficient way to submit your list to a purchasing agent.


Like having your own personal shopping assistant …
We want to ensure you can find what you need … when you need it. We’ve designed our search engine to allow you to be as specific as you want! Give these examples a try:

  • Search category and product type you are in need of. ex. Elementary Activity Table
    By searching for a level of education and the furniture type, you drastically cut down on sifting through products you don’t need.
  • Do you know exactly what you are looking for? Is search spell correcting a term?
    Put single quotes around a search term. This will force search to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Tight budget? We have a search for that … use the bold terms in the following examples:
    • Furniture under $100
    • Paint more than $15
    • Chairs between $20 and $30
Applying a Discount Quote Number just got easier! You can now apply it from the Product Detail Page or from the Cart!

Discount Quote Numbers

We want to ensure you get the discounts you deserve … to apply your discount quote number to your online order, follow these steps:

  • View the details page of the product you would like to order
  • Find the “Discount Quote” field
  • Enter your 5 digit quote number (example:12345)
  • Click “Apply Quote” to see your discounted pricing
  • OR, apply it right in the cart!

Note: if your account has a quote number assigned to it, sign in to apply free standard shipping terms at the cart.

We’re Constantly Improving

We are constantly improving our site for you. If you approach a minor functional error, we encourage you to clear your cache.

If you experience technical or functional issues on the site please try clearing your cache for a more enjoyable shopping experience.