Grades K-12

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STEM:IT is a digital curriculum that uses real-world, topic-driven challenges. Students will use the design cycle to research a topic, make a plan to complete a challenge, engineer a device or create a presentation that meets the challenge goals, examine their work to make improvements, and share their ideas.

Available in three curriculum packages:

STEM:IT Elementary uses core curriculum challenges to introduce STEM topics and build problem-solving skills. Curriculum provides 24 STEM:IT challenges, 24 coding lessons, and 40 3D modeling projects.

STEM:IT Middle School includes STEM:IT middle school challenges and 3D print projects, plus 10 featured robotics and circuitry projects including Meeper Technology and Snap Circuits.

STEM:IT High School is designed to promote the idea of independent problem solving with 20 STEM:IT lessons. Each lesson contains a STEM challenge where students must identify and solve a problem, as well as a 3D project that reinforces the challenge topic.

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