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Snap Into Electronics

Spark student’s interest in circuitry

With engaging, standards-aligned STEM challenges

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STEM Fuse Snap Into Electronics Curriculum

Snap Into Electronics is a digital library of hands-on circuitry projects designed to supplement your existing curriculum and get students excited about applied electronics and engineering.

The projects in this course are aligned with NGSS and ISTE standards and teach foundational science, electronics, and circuitry concepts.


  • For grades K–8

  • 100+ hours of curriculum covering 15 electronics modules

  • Each module has a teacher’s guide, interactive lessons and projects, a digital STEM challenge journal, and additional resources such as videos, games, and rubrics

  • Includes physical materials for 2–4 students working as a team

Students will learn:

  • Introductory electronics

  • Hands-on circuitry

  • Engineering and design

  • Troubleshooting

  • Critical thinking

  • Team collaboration

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Course modules

  • Analog & digital signals

  • Coded communication

  • Conductors & insulators

  • Electromagnets

  • Inventions

  • Light signals

  • Magnetism

  • Material properties

  • Pushes & pulls

  • Reaction time

  • Simple circuits

  • Smart technology

  • Sound waves

  • Transfer of energy

Materials included

In addition to the digital curriculum, you’ll get all the materials 2–4 students need to work as a team.

  • 3 Meeper Circuit Controllers compatible with Snap Circuits®

  • Over 140 Snap Circuits components

  • Meeper Controller app (free download)

To support more students, additional materials kits are sold separately.

Find inspiration in a free webinar

Find inspiration in a free webinar

  • 12-month subscription: July 1 to June 30 of current school year

  • All curriculum content is browser-based and requires no downloadable programs

  • The latest version of any browser is recommended

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