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Remote Robotics - Grades 6-12

Remote Robotics course is a foundations course in remote coding, circuitry, and robotics. Students will dive into these introductory concepts in the form of lessons and projects. Then, they'll apply their knowledge through a novel STEM Design Challenges centered around the engineering design cycle (EDC). This course is aligned to standards for students in grades 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12.

STEM is all about collaboration and the project design life cycle which is most effective working in teams. In a remote environment, it’s difficult for students to collaborate together, especially while developing code. The STEM Fuse Remote Robotics course partnered with Meeper Code Sharing allows students to collaborate on code and then upload this code to the teacher Control Room to see the results of their effort together.

This course can be implemented in a traditional, hands-on classroom setting or run remotely with the use of the included technology in the class.

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