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Perspectives high school visual art curriculum

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Create meaningful, SEL-infused learning experiences with a year's worth of flexible curriculum for your high school art room. Explore Perspectives — available exclusively from Nasco Education.

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Learn why this educator created Perspectives

Learn what inspired the development of the curriculum, what sets it apart from other packages, and advice for teachers struggling to find balance between virtual and in-class learning.

What do educators love about Perspectives?

  • They have the flexibility to structure their classroom into a choice-based classroom or a more traditional learning environment

  • Lessons evolve around 10 engaging themes like Cultures, What Artists See, and Power of Voice

  • Units are packed with helpful resources and expansion ideas

  • Cross-curricular and SEL content helps them connect to the whole person

  • Every unit aligns to National Art Standards

Each unit consists of a three-part lesson sequence:

  • Engage: Students learn about the anchor artwork

  • Create: Students make their own artwork

  • Reflect: Students deepen their understanding of the art and themselves

  • Also includes lesson plan, PowerPoint® presentation, anchor artwork, class discussion guide, multiple learning activities, artwork-inspired project, and reflection activity

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Get pre-assembled supply packs for each unit

For each unit, there is a corresponding Project Pack that includes the supplies and equipment needed to complete the lessons.

Easy to implement for teachers. No guessing at what’s needed. No building order lists. The work is done for you!

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Custom kits

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With the World Mosaic Curriculum, students learn about the world they live in while expanding their world view, strengthening critical-thinking skills, and making cross-curriculuar connections.

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