Xenopus Frogs
Xenopus laevis Frogs Nasco offers lab-bred Xenopus (pigmented and albino), Xenopus borealis, and Xenopus tropicalis.

Researchers, Lab Animal Managers, Animal Purchasing Agents
– Nasco has expanded its Xenopus colony!

Nasco has out-bred Nigerian Xenopus tropicalis frogs. These are from University of VA stock.

Nasco can also ship surgically extracted frog ovaries for your convenience.
We will ship them on wet ice, in insulated cartons, via Next Day Air

See Xenopus frog chart for details.
Why risk your valuable research on wild-caught frogs of unknown origin? Such frogs could be of uncertain age, diet, and exposed to environmental pollutants or parasites.

All Nasco Xenopus have been lab-bred in our Wisconsin facility under stringent care. These are vigorous animals selected for premium reproductive capacity and are raised exclusively on our custom frog diet, Nasco's Frog Brittle.
  • All Nasco Xenopus are lab-bred animals.
  • None are captured from the wild.
  • Good supplies of pigmented Xenopus are available for immediate shipment!
Nasco has over 60 years experience providing living specimens worldwide for education and research.

Whether starting a new project or continuing your present endeavor, do it with the company that can offer you robust animals reared utilizing Nasco's superior animal husbandry protocol, selected to your specifications (i.e. age, weight, size, sex, etc.), and backed by a knowledgeable staff able to answer your animal care questions.

Follow these links to find out more about the animal protocol and recommendation for care of Xenopus frogs.

Nasco also offers the following live specimens:
  • Rana pipiens, Leopard Frog
  • Rana catesbeiana, Bullfrog
  • Necturus maculosus, Mud Puppy
  • Notophthalmus viridescens, Red-spotted Newt
  • Anolis carolinesis, American Chameleon
  • Trachemys scripta elegans, Red-eared Turtle

Instructions for feeding Xenopus frogs

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