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Living Material – The Nasco Advantage

You gain six ways when you order Nasco living material:
    1. Prompt, Reliable Service: Nasco has over 55 years experience in rearing, maintaining, and shipping live material.
    2. Toll-Free Telephone Service for Checking Availability: Simply dial 1.800.558.9595.
    3. Next Day Shipment: Next Day Air Shipping Service is also available if requested. Rates are higher, but may be appropriate
        for perishable items. Please contact our sales representatives at 1.800.558.9595 for further details.
    4. Live Delivery Guaranteed: Nasco will replace specimens for free or credit your account (Nasco's choice), if notified
        within 48 hours. (Live delivery guarantee for domestic shipments only.)
    5. Prices Include Packaging: Except where noted.
    6. Convenient Prepaid Coupons: When you order by coupon, you receive postcards to redeem live material
        sets at a later date. Contact Nasco Order Department.

    NOTE: Please remit payment to Nasco when you receive your coupon.
Living Material Ordering Information:
  • Please specify shipping date with your order.
  • Try to order live material for Monday through Thursday
  • Due to state regulations, we may not be able to ship living material to certain states. Customers should check with their local government officials about their state’s regulations and restrictions.
Live Material Shipments Under $15.00

Due to special handling necessary to ensure live delivery, a $7.00 service charge will be added to shipments of live material totaling less than $15.00. Nonliving items coded with an (LM) suffix can be shipped with live material to increase value of shipment.

Primary Kit For Grades K-4

Activity Level Typical Grade
Level Range
Number of Activities
1 K-2 34
2 1-3 32
3 2-4 35

Intermediate Kit For Grades 4-9

Activity Level Typical Grade
Level Range
Number of Activities
4 4-6 49
5 5-7 57
6 6-9 56

Kit Features:
  • Compatible with commercial text and program series
  • Each learning activity designed for a specific grade level
  • Investigations at each activity level are sequential and interrelated
  • Special equipment and materials specifically designed to permit "hands-on" investigations of ideas normally developed through discussion or reading
  • Durable, partitioned, permanent storage chest
  • Replacement service is provided
Teacher's Guide Includes These Aids For Each Investigation:
  • Statement of the ideas to be developed
  • Illustrated instructional procedures
  • Blackline master for a Student Activity Sheet and/or Data Sheet
  • Blackline master for Student Evaluation Sheet
  • Answer key
  • All materials contained in a durable binder
Another First From Nasco! Teacher Instruction Videos

In conjunction with Nasco's commitment to helping teachers teach hands-on science, we offer teacher instruction videos for all SciQuest® Hands-On Physical Science Kits.

These informative instruction videos are designed to provide teachers with a step-by-step demonstration of procedures, from setup to interpretation of results. These videos will also help teachers to identify potential pitfalls associated with a particular experiment and provide "tips" for bringing the investigation to a successful, meaningful conclusion.

SciQuest® teacher instruction videos are topic-specific and represent a permanent, self-directed, in-service resource which will enable each classroom teacher to improve the quality of the learning experience they provide for their students. SPECIAL NOTE: When instruction videos are purchased with a SciQuest® Kit, a tremendous savings is realized.

Topical Kits

By Carl Pfeiffer.
The first of a series of topical, idea-centered chemistry kits designed for use with 3-5 students in grades 7-9.

Kit Features:
  • Each kit provides the chemistry equipment and materials needed to conduct investigations involving chemical change in a regular classroom setting
  • Content is organized around specific Ideas to be Developed through "hands-on" activities
  • Excellent equipment and education value per dollar invested
  • Durable, space-saving storage chest
  • Uses household and garden chemicals common to the daily environment
  • Replacement of special chemicals and equipment is available at a reasonable cost
  • Optional equipment needed, but not included, for ChemQuest® Kits SB20218M, SB20221M, SB20222M, SB20223M, and SB20224M. Laboratory burner SA04468M or SB16434M, Balance (sensitive to 1/10 g) SB19193M, and Weight Set TA05388M
Teacher's Guide Includes:
  • Teaching/learning plans that focus on a sequence of Ideas to be Developed
  • Illustrated instructional procedures for each investigation
  • Blackline masters for preparing student data, activity, and evaluation sheets
  • Answer key

Fastrak Shipping in 2 Weeks or Less...Guaranteed!

Fastrak items are guaranteed to be shipped within two weeks or less when they meet the following criteria:
  • Fastrak items must be clearly noted on purchase orders when being ordered with other items from Nasco; or purchase order must contain only Fastrak items.
  • Fastrak items ordered with additional height, leg brace or electrical options will take 6-8 weeks.
  • Call for delivery dates on larger quantities (30 or more tables of one kind or seven or more cabinets of one kind).