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Nasco currently offers a wide variety of products and ideas to help you teach students about biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics. A FREE activity is available for these products and can be downloaded for your use. Feel free to download print, and share the PDF.
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Downloadable PDF

Microslide® Viewers Only

Downloadable PDF

This is not a microscope. It is a tool for viewing Microslides® without electricity or special lighting.

Transparent Celestial Globe

Downloadable PDF

Principal stars to 5th magnitude. Full horizon mounting. 16" x 14" x 14".

Reaction Timer

Downloadable PDF

A device that measures the amount of time individuals take to respond to light, sound, or touch stimuli. Reaction time relates to general health and is important in sports and everyday life.

Tornado Demonstration Kit

Downloadable PDF

Teacher created! Amaze your students with the tornado simulator. A 20-page teacher's guide packed with seven detailed experiments, included.

The Orbiter

Downloadable PDF

Completely manually operated unit with 6" sun, 15" arm, 4" dia. geophysical Earth globe, cratered moon, transparent hemisphere shield, and lesson plan.

Water Cycle Model Activity Set

Downloadable PDF

This three-dimensional demonstrator creates a water cycle as it occurs in nature. A fascinating, ingenious experimental model that actually causes the rain to fall on the terrain, flow down the slopes, form a body of water, then evaporate in a continuous cycle.

Plant and Animal Cell Model Activity Set

Downloadable PDF

Students can explore plant and animal cell structures with these 8" diameter cell models. Teacher's notebook includes background information, basic understanding, blackline ...

Set of 15 Psychrometer Kits

Downloadable PDF

One kit includes a sling psychrometer with wet bulb, wick, and rubber band; and dry bulb thermometers that rotate on a plastic handle. No mercury filling.

Hydro-Geology Stream Table - Hubbard

Downloadable PDF

This self-contained unit has a virtually unbreakable thermoplastic tray measuring 26" W x 66" L x 6" D. Two separate, independently controllable streams flow from the control panel. Water depth in “lake” is automatically controlled, and the unit empties itself

Landform Demonstration Kit

Downloadable PDF

Students at all levels can visualize the causes and forces that shape the earth’s surface. Over 20 activities and projects demonstrate volcanic action, faulting, and folding.

Animal Track Adventures

Downloadable PDF

Make plaster-of-Paris animal tracks from real animal molds to study natural diversity and adaptation. (Lesson plan from Mike Mansour's in-booth demonstration at NSTA 2008.)

Cavendish Gravitational Balance

Downloadable PDF

Demonstrate the existence of gravitational forces between masses, measure the Universal Gravitational Constant, verify the Inverse Square Law for gravitational forces.  (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Chemistry Downloadable PDF
Students will predict whether various household products (consumable and nonconsumable) are acidic or basic and test predictions with homemade litmus paper.
Completing The Circuit Downloadable PDF
To build a circuit tester using problem solving skills. Students will be able to think about a variety of ways to use circuit testers as well as developing skills to check their circuits for troubleshooting.
Current Electricity Downloadable PDF
"Closed" and "open" electrical circuits and direction of electron flow
Egg Observations Downloadable PDF
An osmosis eggsperiment.
Evaporation Experiment Downloadable PDF
Determine how evaporation affects the mass measurement of a given object.

Free Fall Apparatus

Downloadable PDF

Calculate the average time and the acceleration due to gravity.  (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Green Light Laser Pointer

Downloadable PDF

Conduct ray optics experiments; ray paths, refraction, reflection, flare, internal reflection.  (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Heat Downloadable PDF
Factors that affect the quantity of heat that a material contains.

Inertia Demonstrator

Downloadable PDF

Illustrate the effects of acceleration, force, inertia, friction. (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Light Downloadable PDF
How we see opaque and transparent objects.
Magnetism Downloadable PDF
Quick quiz on magnets and magnetic materials.

Optical Bench Set

Downloadable PDF

Experiment with magnification of a real image formed by a convex lens, the phenomenon of parallax, and the terrestrial (refracting) telescope.  (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Refraction Tank with Laser

Downloadable PDF

Explore reflection and refraction.  (Hands-on activities from Dr. Martin Taylor’s Workshop at Texas CAST Conference.)

Sound Downloadable PDF
The velocity of sound

The Burning Question

Downloadable PDF
A conservation of matter experiment.
Thatsa Pasta! Downloadable PDF
A delicious density experiment.
The Sun, The Energy Source For Weather Downloadable PDF
Characteristics of the earth responsible for changes in weather
What Is The Matter? Downloadable PDF
Determine what type of material each cube is made of through the investigation of volume, mass, and density.
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