Nasco Physical Education Free Activities / Lesson Plans
Featured below are great activities for you to use with your students or group. They were originally presented by Curt Hinson, PhD, Kinesiologist, and are presented here with his permission. Dr. Hinson and Nasco hope you will enjoy and use the ideas in your work to improve the health and fitness of children.
No Dribble Basketball
Objectives: Teamwork, cooperation, tossing & catching.
Equipment: 1 Basketball (or rubber playground ball) for every 6 players hoops (if needed).
How to Play: This game can be played 2 v 2; 3 v 3; or 4 v 4, so divide the students into teams based on what size game you want to use. If you have enough basketball hoops available for every group to use one for their game, then do so. If not, duct tape a 30-inch hoola hoop to the wall and use it as a goal (players must hit the wall inside the hoop to score a basket). The game can be played full-court or half-court. There is no dribbling allowed. Players must pass the ball. When a basket is made, the other team retrieves the ball and moves up court. If playing half-court, the defensive team retrieves the ball after the basket then starts behind a predetermined starting line (i.e., 3-point line) by throwing the ball to a teammate. Defensive players cannot take a ball from an offensive player, or knock it away. They can intercept or knock down passes. If the defensive team takes possession of the ball by intercepting a pass or picking up a loose ball, they must start from behind the starting line. If the defensive team retrieves a rebound from a missed shot, they must start from behind the starting line.
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The activities presented here are suggestions. When selecting activities for your program, you may need to change or modify them to make them more developmentally appropriate for your situation. Use these activities at your own risk, and at your own discretion, making sure to take all safety precautions into account.
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