Nasco Physical Education Free Activities / Lesson Plans
Featured below are great activities for you to use with your students or group. They were originally presented by Curt Hinson, PhD, Kinesiologist, and are presented here with his permission. Dr. Hinson and Nasco hope you will enjoy and use the ideas in your work to improve the health and fitness of children.
Four-Corners Interval Run
Objectives: Aerobic fitness and cooperation.
Equipment: Four cones
How to play: The cones are set up in a large square. The children form pairs, then the pairs are equally distributed at each of the four cones. On the signal to begin, one partner from each pair begins running around the outside of the square in a counter-clockwise direction. The other partner begins walking in the same direction. When the first partner who is running reaches the next cone (corner of the square), they begin walking. At this time, the partner who is walking begins running. This partner must now pass their walking partner and continue running to the next cone. Once the next cone is reached, the runner begins walking and the partner who they passed begins running.
The pattern continues for the duration of the activity. The length of time of the activity depends on the age of the students. Start with 3 or 4 minutes of continuous activity, then add more minutes as the students progress.
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The activities presented here are suggestions. When selecting activities for your program, you may need to change or modify them to make them more developmentally appropriate for your situation. Use these activities at your own risk, and at your own discretion, making sure to take all safety precautions into account.
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