Nasco’s Category Directors and Buyers

Mailing Address - Fort Atkinson:

Attn: (director's or buyer's name)
901 Janesville Avenue
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901




920.563.2446 or e-mail the appropriate director or buyer

Mailing Address - Modesto:

Attn: (director's or buyer's name)
P.O. Box 101
Salida, CA 95368-0101




209.545.1600 or e-mail the appropriate director or buyer

Send your completed New Product Proposal Form to the attention of the appropriate director at the Fort Atkinson office.
You can download the New Product Proposal Form that is specific to each catalog by choosing "Download form" link next to each catalog name below.
To view the deadline dates for your form's submission click here.
For a description of each catalog check out our "Request A Catalog" page.

Directors - Fort Atkinson

Tim Taggart
Fax: 920.568.5754
Health Education Download form
Physical Education & Team Sports Download form

Wendy Lucht
Fax: 920.568.5759
Senior Activities Download form
Special Education Download form

Kevin Hart
Fax: 920.568.5732
Science Download form
Dissection Materials Download form

Chuck Miller
Fax: 920.568.5729
Farm & Ranch Download form
Agricultural Sciences Download form

Jim Romenesko
Fax: 920.568.5736
Laboratory Sampling Products Download form

Kris Bakke
Fax: 920.568.5775
Arts & Crafts Download form

Kelly Jacobson
Fax: 920.568.5717
Health Care Download form

Rhonda Hutchison
Fax: 920.568.5706
Early Learning Download form
Elementary Education Download form
Reading Resources

Dixie Behlke
Fax: 920.568.5771
Math Download form
Geometry/Algebra Download form

Barbara George
Fax: 920.568.5758
Family & Consumer Sciences Download form
Nutrition Download form

Buyers - Fort Atkinson

Patty Van Stone
Fax: 920.568.5759
Early Learning
Elementary Education
Family & Consumer Sciences

Melissa Marshall
Fax: 920.568.5723

Karrie Eiden
Fax: 920.568.5752
Physical Education & Team Sports

Jenny Fischer
Fax: 920.568.5722
Farm & Ranch
Agricultural Sciences
Laboratory Sampling Products

Brenda Reed
Fax: 920.568.5715
Arts & Crafts

Lyn Thormann
Fax: 920.568.5711
Health Care
Health Education

Susan Meracle
Fax: 920.568.5774
Reading Resources
Senior Activities
Special Education

Buyers - Modesto

April Carrillo
Fax: 209.846.6577
Director of Purchasing

Cheryl Schneider
Fax: 209.846.6572
Early Learning
Elementary Education
Family & Consumer Sciences
Health Education
Physical Education

Peter Canevari
Fax: 209.846.6570
Arts & Crafts
Farm & Ranch
Senior Activities
Special Education

Mary Rosenblum

Stephany Celio

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Catalog Product Submission Schedule

Catalog Name Deadline Date
Physical Education & Team Sports January 2
Early Learning January 15
Special Education February 14
Agricultural Sciences February 17
Farm & Ranch February 17
Arts & Crafts March 15
Family & Consumer Sciences April 16
Science April 27
Elementary Education April 30
Dissection Materials May 1
Math July 1
Health Education September 1
Senior Activities September 3
Laboratory Sampling Products October 1
Healthcare October 18
Nutrition December 9
SIMLAB December 15
Showing & Grooming December 31