It Takes A Community Gift Card Program
Nasco is proud to introduce our “It Takes A Community Gift Card Program.”

As a community we can partner with teachers to make a difference. Nasco invites you to join our efforts in helping teachers provide a quality education to their students.

Many circumstances beyond their control put teachers in situations where they are in need of educational materials for their classroom. Your purchase of a gift card for these teachers helps them get what they need to provide for their students.
We've made it easy for you!We take care of the rest and deliver your gift card to the classroom of your choice!
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Stanhope Elmore High School
Classroom Contact: Mindy Buckley
4300 Main St, Millbrook, AL 36092
I have a great group of high school students and am able to do basic drawing, painting, lino block printmaking and small air dry clay projects with fees that students provide. I am unable to do much more and feel that my advanced students need to continue to be challenged. I would like to teach my advanced students (35) about screen printing and have them make their own t-shirts. I would love it if you would help make this dream possible. I would enjoy giving my students this great opportunity. I am so thankful to do what I love and share what I love with my students. Thank you for your help. Mindy Buckley Posted: 10/19/16

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Humanities and Arts Academy
Classroom Contact: Cristina Kelesides
24300 Western Ave, Harbor City, CA 90710
My high school specializes in performing and visual arts, so as a math teacher, I often get overlooked! But math is not only a high school diploma requirement, it’s essential to how almost everything gets done in the real world - cell phones, computer coding, engineering, medicine, etc. Therefore, math supplies such as graph paper, math compasses, protractors, rulers, and geo-boards are mandatory supplies in order to run an engaging math program. I win over my students with fun collaborative team projects: such as quadrilateral kite building, polyhedra mansion design, and even geometric graphic novels! Thank you in advance for supporting our math department! Posted: 11/09/16

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Tulare Union High School
Classroom Contact: Amy Bailey
755 Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA 93274
I have approximately 210-240 students each semester for Art Concepts, 3D Art, and Painting. It is impossible to offer them quality materials on a budget of only $1,000. Anything helps, but we need: paper mache paste, tempera paint, print making supplies, wedging tables, clay, ink, a printing press, watercolors, pastels, oil pastels, drawing pencils, photography paper, 35mm film, cardstock, acrylic paint brushes, easels, linoleum blocks, drawing pencils, drawing erasers, charcoal, vine charcoal, etc. Our students would appreciate any donations large or small as their motivation for the arts increases daily. Posted: 10/19/16

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Orchard View Elementary School
Classroom Contact: Roberto Young
4050 Old Germantown Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33445
I would love to have the Insect Specimen Blocks, Life Cycle of the Honey Bee, Dragonfly and Butterfly (either of the clear plastic displays to show the life cycle with real insects), Sea Life Specimen Set, and The Bean Germination Display would also be a great learning tool for my students. I have 1 scorpion in resin and my students really enjoy looking at it but I would love to have more examples in my classroom. Posted: 12/06/16

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Shoals Elementary School
Classroom Contact: Jean Survance
11749 Ironton Rd, Shoals, IN 47581
I need 6 headphones with microphones for Ipads and mini Ipads. I have received the Ipads from the school but I need headphones that have microphones because I am a Speech/Language Pathologist. I need the students to talk in the microphone so that other voices are not picked up. Posted: 10/06/16

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Ottawa High School
Classroom Contact: Lissa Rebecca Myers
1120 South Ash, Ottawa, KS 66067
I am a Special Education teacher at a low income high school in Kansas. I would love to be able to purchase updated supplies and activities for our resource classroom. Posted 12/20/16

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University Meadows Elementary School
Classroom Contact: Janice Carrara
1600 Pavilion Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262
I teach a self contained Autism classroom for grades 3, 4, and 5 in a Title one school. I have very few curriculum materials and manipulatives that can be used in the classroom. I am in need of multi-sensory materials for reading, math, writing and science. We are also in need or sensory materials and adapted materials for Occupational Therapy such as pencil grips, hand weights, adapted paper with raised lines. Posted 03/03/17

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Cache Public School
Classroom Contact: Paul Runnels
102 East H Ave, Cache, OK 73527
We are in need of dissection specimens for our Zoology and Anatomy classes, and robotics kits for our Robotics classes. I spend around $500 of my own money every year to ensure the students get the best I can possibly provide, but with budget cuts that just isn’t enough. Please help my students develop a love for science by being able to ACTUALLY DO science! Posted: 09/23/16

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Fox Chase Elementary, An Agriculture School
Classroom Contact: Cheryl DePasquale
500 Rhawn St, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Fox Chase Elementary School is a public school and located in the urban School District of Philadelphia with a high rate of poverty and low educational achievement. Specifically, Fox Chase School has a critical need for developing educational opportunities, and preparing students to achieve, and be career ready in the 21st century. Our school currently serves a diverse group of 487 students in grades K-5. Fox Chase began moving towards an agriculturally and STEM based elementary school in the 2013-2014 school year. Our students interest and enthusiasm to learn more about animal science, food science, horticulture, sustainability in the environment, and careers found in agriculture and STEM related fields continues to drive our program. This has led us to having a full-time Agriculture/STEM teacher in the upcoming 2017/18 school year at Fox Chase. However, with a teacher budget of $100 per school year, this does not give the agriculture teacher, serving K-5 students, including special needs, much to buy materials, especially hands-on, which has proven to drive students learning. Our school is in need of any and all supplies relating to Agriculture/STEM content areas for grades K-5. Currently, the agriculture teacher would like to purchase the large animal alphabet carpet to put in the Ag. classroom, which would serve the younger students for whole-class lessons, as well as upper elementary students to work in small groups, and spread out comfortably in the classroom. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by our amazing students and future leaders in the 21st century. Thank you in advance for helping our students have access to resources we currently do not have, but all students need to help them succeed. Posted: 06/08/17

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Lake View High School
Classroom Contact: Sara Candela
900 E 43rd St, San Angelo, TX 76903
Sewing materials for fashion design one and two. Currently I buy used clothing at garage sales and students use that material and buttons and zippers for projects. Would love to have new material that they could actually use and cut patterns and see a complete item from beginning to end. Posted: 03/07/17

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North Bridge Elementary
Classroom Contact: Maricela De Anda
2001 North Bridge Ave, Weslaco, TX 78596
We are in need of any arts and craft supplies to be used on a daily bases in our art class. Any donations of paint, drawing paper, paint brushes, color pencils, or any other items are greatly appreciated. Thanks a million! Posted: 02/08/17

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Highmark Charter School
Classroom Contact: Calene Lucero
2467 E South Weber Dr, Odgen, UT 84405
I am teaching Family and Consumer Science at Highmark Charter School with very minimal equipment. I have had some very generous parents this year and the only thing I have left to purchase is some pots and pans. We are in dire need. Thank you. Posted: 10/06/16

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Hornsby Middle School
Classroom Contact: Debra Kosloski
850 Jolly Pond, Williamsburg, VA 23188
I am in need of hands on manipulatives for my 6th grade science class that reinforce the study of Wetlands & Watersheds, Matter, Energy Resources, Energy types, Weather, Earth’s Energy Budget, Atmosphere and Space. Posted: 09/22/16

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Rib Lake Middle School
Classroom Contact: Becky Hebda
1296 Kennedy St, Rib Lake, WI 54470
I am looking for donations to create a middle school science activity that will involve all students. These will include hands-on STEM activities that they will use to teach and learn all areas of Science. Posted: 10/20/16

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