Cap-Chur Syringe - 1 cc with Barbed 1/2, 17ga. Needle

Cap-Chur Syringe - 1 cc with Barbed 1/2, 17ga. Needle

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Patented syringes are the key to the Cap-Chur system, providing an instantaneous injection of any liquid drug from a distance. A very small explosive Cap-Chur charge is inserted behind the rubber piston. The charge explodes on impact, driving the piston forward, and forcing the drug out through the needle. All syringes can be used in shoulder-fired projectors (C24572N, C04240N, C24570N, C01219N, and C24571N). The 13- and 17-gauge needles are interchangeable and come in lengths from 1/2 to 1-3/4. Barbed needles are standard (always use 3/4 barbed needles for dogs). NOTE: Syringe and needle combination includes tailpiece, barrel, plunger, and needle. Recommended sizes: 1 cc/3/4 for dogs and small animals, 3 cc/1-1-1/2 for large animals, cattle, deer, etc., and 10 cc/1-1-1/2 or 15 cc/1-1-1/2 for directly medicating cattle or other large animals. The 17-gauge needles are recommended for primates.

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