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Mobile App:IT is an introductory mobile application design and programming course using Java and Eclipse for Android devices. This is an 18-week course (1 full semester) that can be taught as a stand-alone technology course, CTE course or supplement to an existing programming course.

The course takes students through the history of mobile applications. Then, we move on to learning about the current industry standards, languages and platforms used in mobile app development with a special focus on career opportunities within the industry.

The “meat” of the course is spent learning basic Java programming, and then on to working with Android Studio to begin developing apps. These lessons and skills are then applied toward programming for Android devices. By the end of the course students are able to successfully download real working mobile applications for Android devices!

The course focuses on all aspects of STEM—how thinking like a programmer, and using the engineering design cycle, solves problems. Science and math concepts are also thoroughly integrated into mobile application development.

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