Microslide™ Lesson Sets

Microslide™ lessons are unique, proven teaching aids used by over 150 million students. The set offers versatility and low cost for use in a classroom laboratory, media or resource center, at home, or by a substitute teacher.

Microslide diagram

1. Microslide® Viewer

It’s not a microscope. It is a tool for viewing Microslides® without electricity or sws & Apronspecial lighting. It’s simple to operate (just insert the slide and focus), versatile, washable, and unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for five years.

2. Microslide®

A set of 8 or more related 35 mm images as photographed through a microscope. Arrows and letters on the picture help the student locate important features to be studied. The film is mounted in a clear acetate holder which protects it on both sides. Microslides® cannot be easily scratched or broken. Microslides® provide your student with the opportunity to examine microscopic materials that they might otherwise not be able to observe.

3. Microslide® Lesson Sets

Text/lesson folders accompany each Microslide® to form a complete student lesson set. Each folder contains factual information to stimulate, inform, and question the student about the topic under study. Each text folder has a handy pocket in which the Microslide® may be stored.

4. Student Worksheets

Designed for inexpensive reproduction by you. All boxes of Microslide® Lesson Sets are provided with one copy of a corresponding worksheet. Printed on 81⁄2" x 11" white bond paper, the sheets contain questions designed to reinforce the student’s understanding of the Microslide® Lesson Set material, and indicate the student’s mastery of the subject. An answer sheet is supplied with each worksheet.

5. Classroom Units

Identical sets are packed in sturdy, labeled boxes for shelf or desk storage.

6. Carrying And Storage Case

Available as an optional accessory. This durable, fitted plastic case holds ten Microslide® Viewers. Since it weighs (with viewers) less than 9 lbs., you can move viewers easily from class to class, or store them in their own dust-free environment. See more below.

Microslide® Viewers Only


Carrying Case for Microslide® Viewers.

Shipped directly from factory. Allow extra delivery time.

Classroom Teaching Unit

Call-in orders only.
Choose 5 of any of the Box of 30 Individual Lesson Sets listed below (see individual lesson sets).
*Note: Astronomy Lesson Sets do not qualify for Classroom Teaching Units.


  • 30 Microslide® Viewers
  • 5 complete lessons — each with box of 30 folders (choose five lessons from below list — see individual lesson sets)
  • Sturdy storage box (no carrying case included; can be purchased separately — Z13902M)

NOTE: Be sure to specify product numbers and titles of the five boxes of Microslides® desired, as well as the product number for the classroom unit (Z04388M). Shipped directly from our supplier. Allow extra delivery time.

Microslide® Individual Lesson Set Box Prices

Microslide® Lesson Sets are available at two reading levels: elementary and secondary.

Individual boxes may be purchased in the following quantities.
When ordering, indicate the quantity of slides required by using a suffix (A), (B), or (C):
(A) Box of 10 identical sets.
(B) Box of 15 identical sets.
(C) Box of 30 identical sets.

Z04362(A) - Box of 10
Z04362(B) - Box of 15
Z04362(C) - Box of 30


  • 10, 15, or 30 pack of identical Microslides®
  • 10, 15, or 30 text/lesson plan folders
  • 1 reproducible student worksheet and answer sheet
  • Elementary Science Lesson Sets and Astronomy and Earth Science Secondary Lesson sets come with a teacher guide (in-depth booklet). All other secondary science units do not include this additional guide.

NOTE: Shipped directly from our supplier. Allow extra delivery time.

Elementary Science Lesson Sets

Teacher guide included with these lessons.
Z04966 - Cells of Plants and Animals
Z04975 - Parts of an Insect
Z07869 - Your Circulatory System
Z08756 - Your Digestive System
Z09493 - Your Body

Secondary Science Lesson Sets

Z04360 - How Living Things Breathe
Z13900 - The Earthworm

Z04359 - Harmful Bacteria
Z04358 - Helpful Bacteria

Z04367 - Cell Structure
Z20651 - Cytoplasm
Z15880 - The Five Kingdoms of Life
Z10732 - The Kingdom Protista

Z06507 - Air Pollution and Human Health
Z06516 - Ecology Under the Microscope

Health and Disease
Z06507 - Air Pollution and Human Health
Z15881 - Human Diseases
Z04382 - Smoking and Health
Z06515 - Viruses

Z04956 - Chromosomes and Genes in Action

Human Body
Z04361 - Animal Tissues — Epithelium and Cartilage
Z04362 - Animal Tissues — Muscle, Bone, Connective, and Nerve
Z06513 - Blood
Z04378 - Central Nervous System
Z04380 - Endocrine System
Z11776 - Immunity
Z04381 - Respiratory System

Z06516 - Ecology Under the Microscope
Z08350 - Microscope — A Tool for Learning

Z08755 - Monocots and Dicots
Z04368 - Photosynthesis
Z04365 - Plant Mitosis

Reproduction and Development
Z04364 - Animal Mitosis
Z06510 - Meiosis
Z04365 - Plant Mitosis
Z04371 - Reproduction (Human)

Z08349 - Life in the Soil

Teacher guide included with these lessons.
Z11185 - The Planets
Z11186 - Probing the Sun's Secrets
(A) Box of 10 identical sets.
Higher Price - $82.50
(B) Box of 15 identical sets.
Higher Price - $120.50
(C) Box of 30 identical sets.
Higher Price - $240.75

*Note: Astronomy Lesson Sets do not qualify for Classroom Teaching Units.

Ordering Information

Each Student Has:

  • Text Folder
  • Set of Microslides™
  • Micro-Slide-Viewer™

The Teacher Can:

  • Permit students to proceed at their own rate
  • Plan a lesson for the entire class
  • Provide each student with identical slides
  • Reproduce enclosed student worksheets

Microslide™ Science Units are available at two reading levels: elementary and secondary. Elementary units are developed and written for the lower grade student. These units may also be used by slow secondary-level learners. The secondary units are written for a higher reading and comprehension level.

Individual Boxes
Individual boxes may be purchased in the following quantities:
(A) Box containing 10 identical sets.
(B) Box containing 15 identical sets.
(C) Box containing 30 identical sets.

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