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IT Exploration

IT Exploration

Grades 7-12

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IT Exploration Digital Curriculum

IT Exploration serves as a hands-on survey and introduction to information technology and the associated skills and competencies in the industry. The course focuses on the development of real-world projects students can use to demonstrate IT skills.

9 course modules:

MODULE 1: Office Productivity
MODULE 2: Digital Media
MODULE 3: Computing Systems & IT Services
MODULE 4: Networks & Internet Security
MODULE 5: Game Development & Design
MODULE 6: Programming & Software Development
MODULE 7: Data Analytics
MODULE 8: IT Careers & Capstone Project
MODULE 9: Industry Exam Prep & Information

Technologies used:

Internet Access - Internet is required to run the course and access the digital tools used in the course
Google Apps - Access to Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides is required to utilize activities
YouTube - Lessons utilize videos hosted on YouTube

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