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Pediatric Water Rescue Manikin
149-1350 – Rescue Cathy (Newborn)
149-1352 – Rescue Billy (6- to 9-Month-Old)
149-1351 – Rescue Timmy (3-Year-Old)
Instruction Manual
Pediatric Water Rescue Manikins
These manikins are intended to be used as an instructional aide in the teaching and demonstration of pediatric water rescue.

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Thank you for purchasing a Pediatric Water Rescue Manikin. The product comes with two tools; a faucet connection hose and an air inflation bulb.

To simulate realistic weight and to use in water rescue and safety training, fill manikin with water using the following instructions.



  1. Hold manikin upside down or lay in sink.
  2. Open both valves on bottom of manikin’s feet. Rescue Timmy has one metal valve on the left foot and one aqua drain valve with an internal flap on the right foot.
    Foot Valves - Rescue Cathy & Billy (left image); Rescue Timmy (right image)

    Foot Valves - Rescue Cathy & Billy (left image); Rescue Timmy (right image)

  3. Attach hose from faucet to left metal valve on baby’s foot or insert through internal flap of aqua drain valve on Timmy’s foot. (See Figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  4. Fill manikin with warm water until water begins to flow from the open metal valve on right foot.
  5. Shut off flow of water.
  6. Close valve on right foot.
  7. Remove hose from valve on left foot.
  8. Gently squeeze air from manikin until water flows from left valve. Close valve tightly.
  9. Let manikin lay 1 or 2 minutes with head down.
  10. Repeat steps 2 through 8 making sure all air is out of the manikin.

NOTE: Do not store manikins filled with water. Microbiological growth could occur and extreme temperature will effect the manikin.


After every use the manikin must be drained of all water and filled with air before storing it.


  1. Place manikin’s feet into sink and open both valves. Insert pencil or dowel (DO NOT USE PEN) through internal flap of aqua drain valve for Timmy manikin only. (See Figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  2. Let drain 30 minutes.
  3. Holding manikin over sink, squeeze excess water from manikin.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Close metal valve on left foot of baby manikin. Close aqua drain valve cap on Timmy manikin.
  6. Attach tubing from inflation bulb to metal on right foot. Inflate manikin with air by pumping bulb. DO NOT OVERINFLATE. Grasp valve with tubing and turn to close. (See Figure 3.)
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  7. Remove inflation bulb assembly.


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149-1350 – Rescue Cathy – Newborn Size
149-1352 – Rescue Billy – 6- to 9-Month-Old
100-2252 – Carry Bag for Rescue Cathy and Billy
149-1351 – Rescue Timmy – 3-Year-Old
100-2260 – Carry Bag for Rescue Timmy