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Pediatric Airway Management Heads
101-115 (Infant)
101-125 (3-Yr Old)
Instruction Manual
Pediatric Airway Management Heads
These manikins are intended to be used as an instructional aide in the teaching and demonstration of pediatric intubation.

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Your intubation trainer arrives to you completely assembled. The only procedure you need to follow is to adequately lubricate both the airway structure (oropharyngeal space) and the ET tube so that the tube slips into the trachea without binding.

Tube size recommendations:

125 Child accepts up to 4.0 mm ET tube (nasal and oral)
115 Infant accepts up to 3.0 mm ET tube (nasal and oral)

Lubrication note:

Use water based lubricants only. A water based lubricant is included with the purchase of your airway management trainer. Any brand name of like lubricant can be used. NOTE: Use of a petroleum based lubricant will void your Simulaids warranty.

Lungs and stomach removed (left image); Lungs and stomach replaced (right image)

Lungs and stomach removed (left image); Lungs and stomach replaced (right image)


Use water based solutions to clean the trainer. Hot water and mild soap will take care of most dirt, but if they get grimy then use a commercial cleaner like 409. The airway can be swabbed out with damp 4x4 gauze clamped in a small McGill forceps, but be careful not lose the gauze in the airway.

All cleaners should be thoroughly rinsed out of the trainer and cavities dried. The lungs and stomach pull out of the base in order to be replaced. You may find that taking them out of the base and running hot soapy water through the system can clean interior spaces that you cannot reach. Again, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry the product before storing it in a cool, dry location.



The construction of the airway management trainers is such that local repair of rips and tears in the airway surfaces is not possible. Please note the warranty and return segments later in this instruction.


Simulaids® warrants their products to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the date on the invoice of the product shipment to the end user. The warranty expressly does not cover abuse, accidental or purposeful damage, or any form of modification to the product. Simulaids® reserves the right to either replace affected parts or the entire unit, at their sole discretion, after investigating and reviewing the actual product and the damage. In most instances, a digital photo of the product in question showing the damage will help qualify a product for return to the factory. At no time will any product be accepted at the factory without proper return authorization issued by Simulaids®.

Do not allow print material to come in contact with the skin of your product. The ink will embed in the porous surface and be impossible to remove. Ink stains are not covered under warranty.


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Freight and shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the end user. No product will be received with shipping charges due. Any product considered for warranty work must be identified by serial number and invoice number from the agency through whom the product was purchased. Without this information the product will not receive a return authorization number as required.


101-115 – Infant Airway Management Trainer
101-125 – Child Airway Management Trainer
PP0362 – Water based lubricant (4 oz.)
101-121 – Infant replacement lung/stomach (3 pack)
101-122 – Child replacement lung/stomach (3 pack)

Prices may be obtained from Simulaids® authorized distributors.