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Flexible Rescue Randy
Instruction Manual
Flexible Rescue Randy - 100-2710U

This manikin is intended to be used as an instructional aide in the teaching and demonstrating of live rescue training.

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This original-sized Rescue Randy unit has been developed especially for the aerospace industry and wing tank fuel cell rescue training, but it can be utilized in any confined space rescue. It exceeds the flexibility of the original Rescue Randy products (item 1300 series). The head and wrists swivel, elbow, knee, shoulder and thigh joints move. This allows positioning of the manikin under dashboards, in tight spots, and under things where the original Randy will not go. The interior of the manikin is hollow around the waist so that it will bend by collapsing on itself. These features make it easier to conform the body to the positions necessary to maneuver the victim around the baffles in the wing tanks of airplanes. The manikin when exposed to low temperatures will become stiff. It will return to normal flexibility once it is returned to a higher temperature. It is suggested that you clothe the manikin in the same garments that are generally worn by your maintenance personnel. It will help to protect the manikin and give you greater realism as you train.

NOTE: Product supplied with logo sweat shorts only (not shown), the sweat pants shown on the front page photo are not included.



  1. Lay the manikin on its stomach so that the thigh knee joint is exposed.
  2. Position the left lower leg next to the left thigh and the right lower leg next to the right thigh.
  3. Turn one of the lower legs so that the toes point down.
  4. Components

    A. Thigh Road Clevis Pin; B. Lower Leg Cable; C. Thigh Eyebolt; D. Washer; E. Ring Cotter; F. Lower Leg

  5. Insert the clevis pin through the eye of the lower leg.
  6. Position the hole of the pin through the thigh eyebolt.
    figure 1
  7. Put the washer over the pin.
  8. Install the clip in the pin.
    figure 2
  9. Do the same for the other leg.


Since the manikin takes the place of a live victim in your training program, it should be maintained with care and treated as you would any other valuable rescue training tool. To store the manikin lay it flat. Putting it on a back board and securing it will allow you to stand it in a corner. Full body storage bags are available, item 1373. Call your Simulaids distributor for pricing.

After each training exercise, or when needed, the manikin should be washed with hot, soapy water (do not immerse in water). The vinyl is porous and will hold stains. This includes ink. Do not mark on your manikin with ink; it will not come out. Do not store it with printed material as the ink will embed itself in the vinyl. The use of solvents or strong cleansers is not recommended. However, an “all -purpose” cleaner (i.e. 409 or Fantastic) may be used. Do not immerse the manikin in water or other fluids as the foam interior will hold the moisture and become infested with biological growth that you cannot remove.


Should it be necessary to return an item for any reason, contact our Customer Service Department to obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.Merchandise cannot be accepted without prior return authorization. Please refer to your invoice number when phoning in your request for returning merchandise. If needed, a shipping carton and packing instructions will be sent to you to facilitate return of the item.


Simulaids warrants this product to be free from any defect in materials and/or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the date of invoice when the product was shipped to the end user. This warranty expressly does not cover abuse, accidental or purposeful damage, or any form of modification to the product. Simulaids reserves the right to either repair or replace affected parts or the entire unit, at their sole discretion, after investigating and reviewing the actual product and the damage. In most instances, a digital photo of the product in question showing the damage will help qualify a product for return to the factory. At no time will any product be accepted at the plant without proper return authorization issued by Simulaids.

Freight and Shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the end user. No product will be received with shipping charges due. Any product considered for warranty work must be identified by serial number and invoice number from the agency through whom the product was purchased. Without this information the product will not receive a return authorization number as required above.

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

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