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Econo VTA CPR Trainer
Econo VTA CPR Trainer - 100-2160U
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VTA box

The VTA box with light indicators runs on a 9V DC battery installed in the back of the VTA box. To turn it on, slide the switch to the on position. The lights that indicate correct depth and correct rate will blink while the VTA box is orienting and calibrating. Compressions can begin once the lights stop blinking.

The depth and rate are set to AHA 2015 standards. When the correct depth (2-2.5 inches) and the proper release is achieved, the light will stay illuminated. If the release is not correct after a compression the compression is not counted and the counted compression rate drops. Compression rate has to be within 100-120 for the rate light to be on.

The replaceable lung bag allows for 2 breaths for every 30 compressions, but is not measured. If rescue breathing is part of the training it is recommended replacing the lung bag between students. Follow the directions for lung bag replacement outlined in the instructions for the Economy Adult Sani-Manikin.

Replace the 9V DC battery when the light indicators fail to illuminate on the VTA box.

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