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(Light)Portable IV Hand/Arm - LF00700_LF00705. (Dark)Portable IV Hand/Arm - LF00703U and LF00705U
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Trainer Setup

  1. In a small container, mix a few granules of synthetic blood with 1-2 cups of distilled (preferred) or tap water. Stir to dissolve the concentrate. Note: Trainer comes with enough blood concentrate for many uses.
  2. Fill the 20 cc syringe (included) with synthetic blood. Insert syringe into valve at the end of the tube from the IV bag (A). Open valve and fill IV bag (A). (See figure 1)

    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  3. Insert gray IV bag stand into slot in corner of tray and hang IV bag (A) on the stand.
  4. Close the valve at end of tube and remove syringe. Attach the fitting end of the IV bag to one of the vein tubes on the Hand/Arm trainer.
  5. Attach the remaining vein tube to the empty IV bag (B) and place below Hand/Arm level. (See figure 2.)

    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  6. Open valves on both IV bags to allow blood flow.
  7. Allow blood flow to pass through the system until outlet vein tube to IV bag (B) runs free of bubbles, then close valve on bag (B). (See figure 3 inset.)

    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  8. The venous system is now full of blood and ready for use. Be sure to leave the valve on bag (A) open.
  9. The trainer is now ready to practice drawing blood. (See figure 3.) Blood can be drawn anywhere along the pathway of the vein. (See figure 4.) Distilled water should be used to prepare the sites. Synthetic blood will actually be aspirated once the vein is properly punctured.

    Figure 4

    FIGURE 4

  10. Small diameter needles (20-to 25-gauge) should be used. One 22-gauge needle is included with the trainer.
  11. When IV bag (A) empties, close both valves and switch bag positions. When IV bags have been switched, open valve on hanging IV bag (A) and resume training.

After each class, close both valves and disconnect both of the IV bags. Synthetic blood can be discarded or returned to a storage container; warm water can be used to clean bags and flush veins using the 20 cc syringe. Components may be wiped clean with warm soapy water.