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  • Check batteries. Make sure batteries are fully charged and positioned correctly.
  • We recommend that batteries be removed when not in use.

  • Check cable connections. Make sure blood pressure cuff and arm cable are connected to control box.
  • Verify control box is on. The control box powers down after 8 minutes if not used.
  • Check volume setting. Make sure volume on control box/speaker is turned up.
Control Box

  • Applying too much pressure to pulse. The pulse is delicate and should be palpated lightly. Pressing too hard can damage the pulse, causing the feature to stop working.

  • Verify palpation mode is set to “Pulse On.” If control box is set to pulseless, all blood pressure sounds are disabled.
    During the blood pressure reading, the palpable pulse will turn off when the cuff is inflated and surpasses the systolic set point. The pulse will turn on again when the cuff is deflated 20 mmHg below the diastolic point.
Palpable Pulse


  • Make sure gauge is set at zero. If the gauge is not at zero, a needle-nose pliers can be used to calibrate it. Locate the two flat spots on the end of the gauge; slowly turn clockwise or counter-clockwise until the needle is set at zero.
Calibrating Gauge