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Auscultation Trainer
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General Information

When preparing to use your SmartScope™ and remote, use batteries that are fully charged and positioned correctly. The SmartScope™ is not equipped with a power button, this may drain the useful life of your batteries.

Image of battery area and serial number area
  • We recommend that batteries be removed when not in use.
  • Due to frequency changes, Adult Auscultation Trainer SmartScopes™ with serial numbers 0 to 4999 are only compatible with remotes with serial numbers 0 to 4999. SmartScopes™ with serial numbers 5000 and up will only work with remotes with serial numbers 5000 and up. The serial numbers are located on the back of the device and are handwritten in ink.
  • Avoid getting ink on torso simulator or practice boards. Ink will transfer indelible stains.
  • Colored dots are included with the torso to aid with teaching.
  • Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to clean torso of any remaining adhesive or general soil.
Image of different systems

Common Causes of No Sounds

Batteries need to be replaced. After installing new batteries, make sure to turn the remote off and back on. This allows the device to reset. NOTE: SmartScope™ does not turn off.

  • Battery saver mode. The remote will go into battery saver mode if left on the same setting for 8 minutes.
  • Using multiple remotes. One remote will operate all SmartScopes™ within 100 ft. simultaneously as long as the serial numbers are compatible. Using multiple remotes can cause interference.
  • Interference. Wireless communication from another transmitter using 433 MHz may cause sound selection issues or existing sounds to stop or restart. Reset the remote by turning it off briefly, then on again and select a different Heart or Lung sound.
  • Using an external speaker. When using an amplifier/speaker, no sounds will be heard through the SmartScope™.
  • Check volume. Make sure the volume on the amplifier/speaker is turned up.
  • Incorrect SmartScope™ placement. Move the SmartScope™ slowly over the torso to locate sensors. See diagrams in your instruction manual for placement of sensors. You may apply color-coded dots on the heart and lung sites to assist with training.
  • Ear tips facing the wrong way. Verify that the ear tips of the SmartScope™ are facing forward in your ear canal.
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