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GERi™/KERi™ Optional Edema Foot
LF04084U (Light) LF04129U (Medium)
GERi™/KERi™ Optional Edema Foot
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Fibrotic Stage

The Life/form® Non-Pitting Edema Tissue Pad represents a non-pitting stage of edema, also known as Brawny edema, which is a very hard tissue that does not indent when pressed. For comparison, the trainer also includes a Stage 3+ (6 mm) pitting edema pad, which will have deep pitting and indentation that will remain for a short time when the tissue is pressed.





Skills that can be practiced:

  • Assessment of stages
  • Assessment of depth
  • Assessment of rebound time to baseline
  • Feel of non-pitting stage

Edema Stages 1-4

There are different stages of swelling that are graded as follows:

  1. Mild pitting
    1+ Mild pitting

    1+ Mild pitting, slight indentation (2 mm), no perceptible swelling of area.

  2. Moderate pitting
    2+ Moderate pitting

    2+ Moderate pitting, indentation (4 mm), subsides rapidly.

  3. Deep pitting
    3+ Deep pitting

    3+ Deep pitting, indentation (6 mm), remains for a short time, area looks swollen.

  4. Very deep pitting
    4+ Very deep pitting

    4+ Very deep pitting, indentation (8 mm), lasts a long time, area is very swollen.

Each of the pads included shows the different stages. The key card included shows stages 1-4.

Part of patient assessment includes observation of swelling in the extremities. Pressing on the surface of the skin may leave an indentation that does not immediately rebound once the pressure is released. Edema is a subjective observation and is graded by the depth of the indentation and the time it persists after the release of pressure.

Deep Tissue Injury

Persistent non-blanchable deep red, maroon, or purple discoloration.

Deep Tissue Injury

Deep Tissue Injury

Care and Maintenance

Parts may become dirty with use. Clean parts with soap and water or use Nasco cleaner. Dry surfaces completely and re-apply baby powder. Ensure insert tray on the top of the foot is clean, dry, and sufficiently powdered prior to re-inserting edema pads. Parts may get tacky on backs and in corners due to the nature of the material and constant removal – apply powder liberally. DO NOT place Edema Foot or pads on newsprint or printed surfaces. Ink of any kind will leave an indelible stain.

Available Supplies

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  • Advanced Nursing Wound Simulation Kit (LF00794U)
  • Pressure Ulcer Foot (LF04041U, light) (LF04128U, medium)
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