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Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator - LF03830
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About The Simulator

The Life/form® Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator has been designed to enhance training on an accurate simulator. Palpable landmarks can be used for pinpointing placement where the IO device may be inserted. The Adult I/O Simulator is applicable for use with B.I.G.™ and EZ-IO™ devices. The realistic I/O bones provide a lifelike resistance as the needle or device enters the simulated bone. The soft skin aids with creating a convincing simulation.


List of Components

  1. Adult I/O Simulator
  2. Simulated Bones (10)
  3. Bottle Liquid Lubricant, 1/2 oz.
  4. Piece of Wax
  5. Small Towelettes (2)
  6. 60 cc Syringe with Tubing Assembly
  7. Tube Lubricating Jelly, 4 oz.
  8. Skin Pads (4)
  9. Pint Bottle with Blood Powder
  10. 15-gauge I/O Needle
  11. Adult I/O Simulator Stand
  12. Case (not pictured)


  1. To prepare blood mixture:
    1. Combine 1 1/4 cups of tap water with the artificial blood powder in the pint bottle provided. Add one full tube of lubricating jelly (measuring cup not included). (See figures 1-3.)
    2. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds or until contents are mixed completely.
  2. Fill the 60 cc syringe with blood mixture by placing the tubing end of the syringe into the pint bottle and drawing the mixture into the syringe. (See figure 4.)
    FIGURE 1 - top left, FIGURE 2 - top right, FIGURE 3 - bottom left, FIGURE 4 - bottom right

    FIGURE 1 - top left, FIGURE 2 - top right, FIGURE 3 - bottom left, FIGURE 4 - bottom right

  3. The free end of the tubing goes through the hole on the outside of the adult I/O simulator. (See figure 5.)
  4. Attach the free end of the tubing onto swivel end of the simulated bone. (See figure 6.) Use the supplied lubricant as needed to ease the tubing assembly onto the swivel end of the simulated bone.
    FIGURE 5 - left, FIGURE 6 - right

    FIGURE 5 - left, FIGURE 6 - right

  5. Place the simulated bone inside of the Adult I/O Simulator, making sure the swivel end is pointing toward the hole. (See figure 7 and inset.) Use the supplied lubricant as needed on the outside of the simulated bone to ease the bone into the Adult I/O Simulator.
    FIGURE 7

    FIGURE 7

  6. Place the skin pad on top of the simulated bone. Adjust the skin pad as needed for a snug fit over the simulated bone. (See figure 8.)
    FIGURE 8

    FIGURE 8

Charging The Bones

  1. Press the 60 cc syringe to flow the blood mixture into the simulated bone.
  2. Make your first needle insertion into the simulated bone and remove the needle stylus. Proper insertion and pressure applied to the syringe will allow the blood mixture to flow through the tubing and fill the bone. When you observe the blood mixture flowing up through the needle, the simulated bone is completely charged. (See figure 9.)
    FIGURE 9

    FIGURE 9

  3. Each new simulated bone will need to be charged in this same manner. Correct subsequent insertions will produce an immediate flow of blood mixture through the needle.
  4. Provided wax should be used after each puncture to seal the hole in the simulated bone, preventing leaks.

Using The Wax Piece

  1. Carefully pull back enough on the 60 cc syringe to reduce pressure and prevent blood from exiting puncture site.
  2. Remove the bone from the leg and wipe clean. (See figure 10.)
    FIGURE 10

    FIGURE 10

  3. Remove a small piece of wax and work with your fingers until soft.
  4. Rub the softened piece of wax back and forth across the bone holes until they are sealed. (See figure 11.)
    FIGURE 11

    FIGURE 11

  5. A thin layer of wax left on the bone surface over the holes will help in sealing.
  6. The bones have been designed so that all four sides can sustain multiple punctures. When necessary, rotate the bone 1/4 turn and replace in the leg. The bone structure may be punctured until four sides have been completely punctured, then the bone may be discarded.

Special Note

The Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator duplicates a procedure that requires a great deal of pressure to be placed on both the simulator and the needle or device being used. Extreme caution should be taken to avoid pushing the needle or device completely through the simulator, injuring the person performing the procedure or damaging equipment. Nasco cannot be responsible for injuries or equipment damages resulting from improper use of the simulator.

Care And Maintenance

  1. Carefully pull back on the 60 cc syringe to remove any remaining blood mixture from the simulated bone.
  2. Remove syringe and tubing and discard any simulated bones that have been charged with blood mixture.
  3. Remove leg skin and use paper towels to completely wipe the simulator and remove any blood mixture or lubricant.
  4. Place the tubing end of the syringe into the pint bottle and depress any unused blood mixture.
  5. Recap the blood mixture bottle tightly to save for future use.
  6. Use clean tap water to flush and clean syringe and tubing.
  7. Use soap and warm water to clean the Adult I/O Simulator. Nasco recommends the use of Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) for cleaning tough dirt and soil.
  8. Allow to air-dry completely prior to storing.


Ink, ballpoint pen, certain printed paper, and plastics will leave an indelible stain when in contact with the Adult I/O Simulator.
Blood mixture will stain skin, clothing, some surfaces, and may stain the Adult I/O Simulator if it is left in contact with it for long periods of time.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF01111U – Blood Mixture Components. Includes pint bottle with blood powder and 4-oz. tube of lubricating jelly
LF03683U – Intraosseous Infusion Needle, 15 gauge
LF03831U – Replacement Adult I/O Bones. Includes wax, 1/2-oz. liquid lubricant, and 10 bones with threaded swivel
LF03832U – Replacement Adult I/O Skins Pads (4)

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

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