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Bariatric CPR Manikin
LF03749U – Dark
LF03750U – Light
Instruction Manual
Bariatric CPR Manikin - LF03749 and LF03750
5-Year Warranty

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The first and only CPR manikin to offer the realistic size and appearance of an older, heavier cardiac victim – the kind rescue personnel are most likely to encounter in the field.

Accurate anatomical landmarks and ease of use will make the Bariatric CPR Manikin a valuable addition to your training program. Sanitary features include individual face inserts, disposable airway system, and a non-rebreathing valve. For added convenience and economy, all internal parts (including the airway system) are fully compatible with the Simulaids Brad™ CPR Manikin.


  • One Assembled Manikin
  • *Two Additional Exhaust Manifold Caps
  • Two Additional Face Inserts (LF03752U, White) (LF03748U, Black)
  • *Carry Bag
  • Two Additional Lung/Airway Systems (LF03751U)
  • Product Instruction Card
  • *Two Additional Connectors
  • 5-Year Warranty Card

*Note: Components listed without numbers may be available for special order. Additional parts, supplies, products, and information are located at the end of this manual.

FIGURE 1 (right side) - Connector

FIGURE 1 (right side) - Connector


Removing the Airway

  1. Remove the face insert and connector from the face cavity. (See figure 1.)
  2. With the manikin face up, pull the overlay skin from the shoulders and fold down.
  3. Lift off the sternum plate, foam sternum insert, and foam insert to expose the lung/airway system.
  4. Tilt the head back to expose the airway valve and manifold cap. (See figure 2.)
  5. Pull out the airway valve from underneath the chin.
  6. Remove and discard the lung/airway system and airway valve.
FIGURE 2 (left side); FIGURE 3 (right side).

FIGURE 2 (left side); FIGURE 3 (right side)


  1. Locate a new lung/airway system.
  2. Press the red exhaust manifold cap onto the open port of the airway valve.
  3. Tilt the head back and insert the airway valve stem through the hole in the face from underneath.
    Note: Ensure the red exhaust manifold cap is positioned toward the top and the airway valve is below it. (See figure 2.)
  4. Position the connector on top of the face and press into the valve stem with a twisting motion.
  5. Recheck the airway system to ensure proper positioning of the airway valve stem and red exhaust manifold. (See figure 2.)
  6. Arrange the lung over the chest so that it lays flat.
  7. Replace the foam insert, foam sternum insert, and sternum plate. (See figure 3.)
  8. Roll the overlay skin back up and fit over the shoulders.


Bariatric CPR Manikin


  1. All vinyl parts (overlay skin, body, and head) may be washed with water and a mild detergent. Do not attempt to wash foam pads.
  2. Nasco recommends disposing of the face inserts after each training session. Face inserts may be reused after a thorough cleaning if desired. Follow current disinfecting procedures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
  3. Do not place manikin on any printed surface, printed plastic, ballpoint pen, or newsprint. These inks will transfer an indelible stain.


LF03751U – Lung/Airway Systems, Pkg. of 24.
LF03752U – Mouth/Nose Pieces, White, Pkg. of 10
LF03748U – Mouth/Nose Pieces, Black, Pkg. of 10
LF03776U – Sternum Plate
LF03777U – Foam Sternum Insert

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

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