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Universal AED Trainer - LF03740
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About the Simulator

The Life/form® AED Trainer is programmed with eight interactive scenarios. Prompts are communicated by sound through an internal speaker and visually on an LCD display.

  • Prepare for emergency situations.
  • Learn steps to follow both “shock” and “no shock.”
  • Instructor selected manual or hands-free training.
  • Provides both audio and written prompts in English.

List of Components

  1. AED Trainer
  2. Electrodes
  3. 2 Adult Training Pads
  4. 9V Battery
  5. Stickers

Set Up

  1. Remove AED trainer from the box.
  2. Attach the electrodes with training pads. (See figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  3. Install battery. (See figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  4. Plug in electrodes. (See figure 3.)
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

General Instructions for Use

A. Scenarios

The first four scenarios correspond to automatic defibrillators with an “Analyze” button and the second set of four corresponds to automatic defibrillators without an “Analyze” button. Stickers to cover the “Analyze” button on the AED Trainer for these scenario are included. Each scenario set is for AED training.

Near the beginning of each scenario, there is an instruction to plug in the electrodes if they are not already plugged in. All of the scenarios will lock up at this point until the electrodes are plugged in.

Scenarios #2 and #6 will pause after the second time instructions are given to “Check the Pads.” This allows time for the student to simulate shaving the chest. Press the “Select” button at this time to resume the scenario.

B. Running a Scenario

To start a scenario, push the “ON/OFF” button and toggle through the various scenarios by pushing the “Select” button. When the appropriate scenario is selected, push the “Run” button to begin the scenario. Once a scenario is started, there is no way to stop it without powering the unit off.

C. Volume

Volume can be increased or decreased by pushing the appropriate “Up” or “Down” button.

D. Battery Use

The battery can be changed by opening the battery drawer, removing the dead battery, and replacing it with a new 9V battery. The polarity is marked on the bottom of the drawer. There is a 10-second delay when powering the unit off. During these 10 seconds, you can reverse this action by pushing the “ON/OFF” button again, in which case it will revert to the beginning of the last scenario used.

If the AED Trainer is left on without any buttons being pushed for eight minutes, it will automatically shut off to conserve battery power. When approximately 80% of the battery is used, a visual low battery indication will be displayed on the LCD module.

Instructor Guide for Scenarios

Note: Scenarios 1-4 simulate defibrillators with an “Analyze” button.

Scenarios 5-8 simulate defibrillators without an “Analyze” button. If using scenarios 5-8, use the included gray stickers included to cover “Analyze” button.

Scenarios 1 and 5: Normal rhythm returns after one shock.

Scenarios 2 and 6: Unit will pause after the second time instructions are given to “check pads.” This allows time for the student to simulate shaving the chest. After the student simulates shaving the chest and reattaches the pads, push the “Select” button to resume the scenario. After one shock, victim remains in non-shockable cardiac arrest. Continue CPR for one minute. The AED Trainer will analyze the rhythm again.

Scenario 3 and 7: Victim is in VF (ventricular fibrillation). No shock advised after four shocks. Victim does not have normal breathing, but signs of circulation return.

Scenario 4 and 8: Victim has a medicine patch (simulate by taping a piece of paper with the word “medicine” on the manikin where the pad will be placed) and is in VF (ventricular fibrillation).

Normal rhythm returns after one shock.


The AED Trainer has no user serviceable parts. The only maintenance required is to:

  • Clean external surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Replace batteries in the AED Trainer.

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF03743U – Adult Replacement Training Pads
LF03744U – Pediatric AED Training Pads
LF03745U – Electrode Harness