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Baby Buddy™ Infant CPR Manikin
LF03720, LF03721 (5-pk), LF03722 (10-pk)
Instruction Manual
Baby Buddy™ Infant CPR Manikin- LF03720, LF03721 (5-pk), LF03722 (10-pk)
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The Life/form® Baby Buddy™ infant CPR manikin is a realistic and economical manikin for the training of infant CPR skills. Features include lifelike body and head, sanitary airway system, head tilt, realistic chest rise, palpable landmarks, and an easy-to-use, lightweight design.



  • Torso
  • Chest
  • Head
  • Aluminum Screw Post
  • 2 Nylon Washers
  • Pkg. of 10 Lung Bags
  • Lung Installation Tool


Your Baby Buddy™ manikin is shipped disassembled. Simply follow these easy steps to assemble your manikin.


Position the head over the neck stub of the torso. Insert the screw post through one of the nylon washers and the corresponding holes in the head and neck. (See Figure 1.) You may find this easier to do if you turn the manikin over. Securely screw the end onto the screw post over the second washer. (See Figure 2.)

FIGURE 1 (left side); FIGURE 2 (right side)

FIGURE 1 (left side); FIGURE 2 (right side)


Insert the lung installation tool into the lung bag. (See Figure 3.) Fold the round sides of the lung around the tool. Feed the lung into the mouth and through the hole in the back of the head. (See Figure 4.)

FIGURE 3 (left side); FIGURE 4 (right side)

FIGURE 3 (left side); FIGURE 4 (right side)

With the head tilted back, grasp the bag with your other hand and remove the tool. (See Figure 5.) Gently pull the rest of the bag through until the barrier flaps reach the mouth. Lay the lung over the corresponding area of the torso. Make sure that the bag is not twisted or pinched, but is open for its entire length.

Open the barrier flaps to protect the face. (See Figure 6.)

Flex the foam chest piece slightly to snap it onto the torso over the lung (See Figure 7.) Your Baby Buddy™ is now ready to use. (See Figure 8.)

FIGURE 5 (top left side); FIGURE 6 (top right side); FIGURE 7 (bottom left side); FIGURE 8 (bottom right side)

FIGURE 5 (top left side); FIGURE 6 (top right side); FIGURE 7 (bottom left side); FIGURE 8 (bottom right side)


Used lung bags should be removed and discarded after each use. Always use a new lung bag for each student. The manikin’s face may be cleaned with a mild detergent and water if it becomes soiled. Do not attempt to launder the foam pieces or immerse them in water.

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.


LF03723U – Baby Buddy™ Lung Bags, Pkg. of 100
LF03724U – Baby Buddy™ Carry Bags (Holds 5 Baby Buddy™ Manikins)
LF03738U – Baby Buddy™ Lung Bag Tools, Pkg. of 4