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Continuous Chest Compression Manikin
Instruction Manual
Continuous Chest Compression Manikin - LF03303U
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About the Simulator

Optimal chest compressions, according to AHA Guidelines, can be difficult but are critical in saving the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The Life/form® Continuous Chest Compression Manikin has been designed to assist with learning these effective skills. The rate, depth, and recoil results of chest compressions for each second are displayed on the screen.


List of Components

A. Adult Continuous Compression Manikin Torso B. Hard Carry Case C. 4 “C” Batteries (not pictured)

Set Up

Remove the Continuous Chest Compression Manikin from the shipping carton and packaging. Retain packaging for future storage use.

A. Battery Installation

  1. Remove the chest skin via the hook-and-loop fasteners at the neck and both sides of the torso. (See figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  2. Lift the chest plate to expose the battery compartment inside the body of the manikin. (See figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  3. Place 4 “C” batteries into the battery compartment. Make sure they are aligned properly. (See figure 3.) Replace the chest plate and chest skin.
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

General Instructions for Use

A. Turning the Unit On

  1. Press power button on the lower right face of display unit. There will be a 15-second delay before the main menu screen appears. (See figure 4.)
  2. A battery indicator is in the upper left-hand corner
    Figure 4 - Main Menu Screen: A - Power Button, B - Battery Indicator

    FIGURE 4 – Main Menu Screen: A - Power Button, B - Battery Indicator

    The battery icon has five stages indicating the Volts of Direct Current (VDC):
    Full battery, above 6V DC
    = Full battery, above 6V DC
    3/4 battery, between 6V and 5.8V DC
    = 3/4 battery, between 6V and 5.8V DC
    1/2 battery, between 5.7V and 5.3V DC
    = 1/2 battery, between 5.7V and 5.3V DC
    1/4 battery, between 5.2V and 4.9V DC
    = 1/4 battery, between 5.2V and 4.9V DC
    Replace battery, between 4.8V and 3.5V DC
    = Replace battery, between 4.8V and 3.5V DC

B. Touch Screen Functions

Help Button

  1. Pressing the help button from the main menu screen will allow scrolling through some general information about the manikin. Scrolling through the general information is done with the green arrows below or above the information area of the screen. (See figure 5.)
    FIGURE 5 – Help Screen

    FIGURE 5 – Help Screen

  2. On the left side of the help screen is a graph explaining the values or “color code” that is displayed during the learn mode. The values for the color-coded tiles are:

    Rate (BPM)
    RedLow 79 or Lower
    Yellow Low80 to 89
    Green90 to 110
    Yellow High111 to 120
    Red High121 or Higher
    Depth (inches)
    Red Low1.5 or Shallower
    Yellow Low1.51 to 1.75
    Green1.76 to 2.25
    Yellow High2.26 to 2.5
    Red High2.51 or Deeper
    Recoil (% of Depth Released)
    Green95 to 100%
    Yellow90 to 94%
    Red0% to 89%

  3. Pressing the Main Menu button will return to the main menu screen.

Learn Button

  1. To access the volume and light controls, press the Learn button from the main menu screen. The learn screen will open. (See figure 6.)
    Figure 6

    FIGURE 6

  2. Pressing the Setup button will open the setup screen. (See figure 7.)
    Figure 7

    FIGURE 7

  3. The volume can be controlled by pressing the + or – button. The sound and light can also be turned off and on by pressing the appropriate button.
  4. To practice compressions, select the Learn button from the main menu screen.
    1. Press the green start arrow. The sound and light prompts (if activated from the setup screen) will begin and the manikin will begin tracking data. The manikin has the ability to continue recording data for over 12 minutes at 100 compressions per minute. The test can be paused or stopped at any time by pressing the appropriate button. (See figure 8.)
      Figure 8

      FIGURE 8

    2. Colored tiles will be displayed in the rate, depth, and recoil columns. Red designates poor, yellow designates borderline, and green designates optimal compression component values.
    3. When the practice session is stopped, a screen totaling the values recorded during the session is displayed. These are showed as a percentage of optimal, borderline, and poor compressions. Total time is also displayed. (See figure 9.)
      Figure 9

      FIGURE 9

    4. Note: If consistently low recoil data is being recorded, the chest skin may be too tight. Simply unfasten the hook-and-loop and reattach so the skin fits a little looser.
    5. The entire session can be reviewed by pressing the replay button from the Totals screen.

Test Button

The test mode can be accessed from the main menu. The test mode allows for no light, sound, or data display prompts.

  1. Press the test button. The test screen will be displayed. (See figure 10.)
    Figure 10

    FIGURE 10

  2. Press the green start arrow to begin test. Only the timer at the top right of the screen will be active. The timer will start with the first compression. The test can be paused or stopped at any time.
  3. When the test is stopped, the data will be displayed in the same manner as the learn mode. The test can also be replayed by selecting the replay button.

Care and Maintenance

Normal soil can be removed from the trainer with mild, soapy water. Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) will remove some stubborn stains. Simply apply Nasco Cleaner to the soiled area and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel.

After it has been turned off, the touch screen may be gently wiped with a microfiber or similar soft cloth.


Excess pressure may damage the touch screen. Avoid exposing simulator to water. Never place the trainer on any kind of printed paper or plastic. These materials will transfer indelible stains. Ballpoint pens will also make indelible stains.

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

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