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CPARLENE® Replacement Skin for IV Arm
Instruction Manual
CPARLENE® Injectable Training Arm Instructions for Installing LF03215U Replacement Skin on IV Arm LF03214U
WARNING: Products may contain dry natural rubber. Do not remove film from tubing.

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Remove Old Skin and Vein

  1. Detach the arm from your CPR manikin by rotating the arm upward so the hand is above the head of the manikin. Pull arm away from the body of the manikin. (See figure 1)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  2. Roll shoulder skin up to expose the screwhead located below the deltoid intramuscular injection site. Unscrew and remove this locking screw. (See figure 2) Rotate the lower arm outward until it stops.
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  3. Pull lower arm away from upper arm. The tubing will also pull from the tracks in the upper arm.
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  4. Coat the outer surface of the lower arm skin with liquid lubricant. Peel off old skin from lower arm so that it will be inside-out when you finish. Remove old tubing by pulling it from the channel in the lower arm core.
  5. To replace the shoulder skin, remove the foam ring and unscrew the four exposed screws. Remove the plastic ring. (See figure 4)
    Figure 4

    FIGURE 4

  6. Pull the larger end of the skin (near the top of the shoulder) down over the shoulder stump and remove. (See figure 5)
    Figure 5

    FIGURE 5

Place New Tubing in Channel

  1. Double the tubing to find the approximate center, and place in the grooves of the lower core starting with the center of the tubing at the center of the back of the hand. (See figure 6)
    Figure 6

    FIGURE 6

  2. Generously coat arm cores, tubing, and inside of skins with liquid lubricant. (See figure 7)
    Figure 7

    FIGURE 7

Slide Skin On

Grasping the lower arm skin with both hands as illustrated, slide the skin down over the core until the fingers are approaching the finger holes. (Caution: Work with the skin on gently — pulling hard on the end of the skin can stretch or tear the material.) As the skin is worked down over the core, be sure that the tubing remains in its channel.

Work Fingers Into Place

Guide the fingers and thumb carefully into the proper holes as the skin is slipped further down on the core. If you encounter difficulty, simply slide the skin back an inch or two from the fingers and begin again.

Draw Skin Tightly Over Core

After the fingers are positioned in the hand, slide the skin over the remainder of the core to provide a snug fit. If air is trapped in the fingers, a 22-gauge needle can be used to puncture the finger tip and allow the air to escape. (See figure 8)

Figure 8


Check Tubing Location

  1. Feel along the tubing channel to be certain that the tubing is properly seated. If it has slipped out of its channel while the skin was being pulled on, it can usually be moved back into position by working it with your fingers on the outside of the skin.
  2. Replace the upper arm skin by pushing the upper stump through the large skin opening (near the top of the shoulder.)
  3. Feed the two ends of the tubing (from the lower arm) along the inside of the arm, under the upper arm skin, until they emerge from the two openings in the shoulder skin. Be careful that the tubing is flat and not twisted.

    Anterior and Posterior

    Anterior and Posterior

    Note: The two ends of tubing come out of the lower arm at positions near the anterior and posterior sides of the lower arm. The tubing from the anterior side of the lower arm should emerge from the lower hole in the shoulder. The tubing from the posterior side of the lower arm should emerge from the upper hole in the shoulder. (See figure 9)
    Figure 9

    FIGURE 9

  4. Roll the upper arm skin up toward the shoulder to expose the locking screw hole.
  5. Connect the two arm cores and rotate to the natural position.
    Note: Keep tubing tight by pulling lightly on the exposed ends extending from shoulder.
  6. Replace larger locking screw.
  7. Apply lubricating powder to the rolled-up portion of the shoulder skin.
  8. Roll shoulder skin down over lower arm skin and rotate lower arm back and forth to evenly distribute the powder between the two arm skins.
  9. Replace the plastic disc at the shoulder making sure the four counter-sink holes of the disc are exposed. Replace four screws.
  10. Replace foam ring.
  11. Place arm back on manikin with the hand extended over the manikin’s head.
  12. Rotate the arm down so it is positioned at the side of the manikin.

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