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Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer
LF01230U & LF01231U
Instruction Manual
Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer - LF01230-LF01231
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About the Manikin

The Pap test is the most frequently performed cancer screening test in the world. With the Life/form® Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer, students can achieve competence in external and internal examinations, speculum insertion, and cytological sampling techniques that are essential aspects of women’s health care.


List of Components

  1. Plastic Stand
  2. External Genital Pad
  3. Vagina
  4. Upper and Lower Support Blocks
  5. 7-Piece Cervical Set
    1. Normal
    2. Dysplasia
    3. Polyp
    4. Early Cancer
    5. Late Stage Cancer
    6. Inflammation
    7. Pregnancy
  6. Blood Powder Packet with 0.15 cc Spoon
  7. Syringe, 3 cc
  8. Baby Powder, 4 oz.
  9. Thickener Packet
  10. Lubricant, 1/2 oz.

Setting Up the Trainer

  1. Snap the external genital pad onto the front of the plastic stand. (See figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  2. Fit the vagina onto the lower support block. (See figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  3. Set the upper support block over the top. (See figure 3.)
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  4. Slide both blocks and the vagina into the stand. (See figure 4.)
    Figure 4

    FIGURE 4

  5. Select a cervix piece and insert it into the back of the vagina. (See figure 5 and inset.) A small amount of lubricant will facilitate insertion and removal of the cervix into the vagina.
    Figure 5 and inset

    FIGURE 5 and inset

  6. Close the back of the stand.

General Instructions for Use


  1. Perform examinations with a standard metal or plastic speculum. Nasco recommends using the smallest speculum consistent with protocol.
  2. Generously lubricate the speculum.
  3. Select a cervix piece for the scenario.
  4. Lubricate the cervix to insert it into the back of the vagina.
  5. To change the cervix, open the back of the case and pull cervix out, pushing it through from the front if necessary. (See figure 6.) Lubricant will make removal and insertion easier.
    Figure 6

    FIGURE 6

  6. Use only cervix pieces #1 and #7 to practice taking cytology specimens for Pap smears. The other pieces are for illustrative/diagnostic purposes only.
  7. Lubricate the cervical os when performing Pap or other cytology tests.

Catheter Insertion (Placement Training Only)

A 14 FR or smaller Foley catheter may be inserted into the urethra.

  1. Follow the setup instructions to ensure the external genital pad is securely snapped onto the plastic stand.
  2. Generously lubricate the catheter and perform the procedure.
  3. Catheter inflation and deflation may be practiced; however the trainer will not provide a fluid output.

Realistic Simulation

Follow the tips below for making your training experience more representative of a real patient.

  1. a. Dust the external genital pad with a little baby powder for a life-like feel.
  2. Simulate natural tissue moisture by applying a small amount of soapy water to the vaginal surfaces and cervix.
  3. Blood and various secretions can be introduced through the front or back of the trainer using the syringe. Mix a small amount of blood powder and/or thickener with a little water to get the desired color and consistency.
    Caution: Blood solution will stain skin and fabrics!
  4. The cervix is mobile, and may be positioned as desired.
  5. Makeup and moulage materials can be used. While the trainer’s components do not normally stain, always test such materials in an inconspicuous area before final application.

Cleaning and Storage:

The trainer may be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.

  1. Open the back and remove the support blocks and the vagina.
  2. Unsnap the genital pad from the front of the trainer.
  3. All components, including the case, can be washed gently in warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry before re-assembling and storing the trainer.


Examination equipment that is too large may damage the trainer. Nasco recommends using the smallest speculum possible.

The trainer does not have the capability to introduce fluids into a simulated bladder. Practice catheter insertion, balloon inflation and deflation, and removal only.

Supplies and Replacement Components

LF01230(A)U – External Genital Replacement Pad – Light
LF01231(A)U – External Genital Replacement Pad – Dark
LF01230(B)U – Replacement Vagina
LF01230(C)U – Replacement Cervices, Set of 7
LF03774U – Thickener Packet
LF01188U – Replacement Blood Kit, 5 Blood Packets with 1.15 cc Spoon

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.