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Imaging Fracture Simulator (upper arm)
Instruction Manual
Imaging Fracture Simulator (upper arm) - LF01210U
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About the Life/form® Imaging Fracture Simulator

An exciting training device designed to aid both radiology educators, as well as radiology students. Educators will be able to enhance hands-on training of identifying radiographic pathology with a tool that will encourage students to utilize their critical thinking skills. Students will be excited to image a body part that will challenge their ability to create optimal images of a bone that demonstrates pathology common to the upper extremity. This life-like upper extremity is uniquely designed to permit the user access to the fracture site in which various fracture types can be easily interchanged. Students can quickly visualize the difference between a spiral fracture and a splinter fracture within minutes of taking the radiographic exposures. The simulator is designed to allow students the capability of rotating the arm easily to place the humerus in routine and special projections common to imaging with protocols. With the Life/form® Imaging Fracture Simulator, students will be able to practice positioning skills, technical skills, and critical thinking skills as they produce radiographic images that will make learning anatomy, pathology, and image production an exciting educational experience. Exposure techniques for the simulator are in line with techniques typical to an adult humerus. Students will be able to visualize, create, and reduce bone (anterior/posterior) displacement. Imaging concepts will become easy to understand as students can see how changing the position and/or projection of the X-ray beam alters the perspective of the anatomy visualized. Included with the simulator are two interchangeable fracture types (spiral and splinter). Five-year warranty.

Care of the Trainer

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.
  2. Everyday soil may be removed from the arm with a few drops of mild detergent on a wet cloth. Do not submerge or launder the arm. Bones can be washed in soapy water.

Using the Trainer

  1. Remove the self-fastening straps and open the foam arm.
  2. Select a fracture set and place it into the cavity in the back half of the arm. The pieces may be arranged to show varying degrees of displacement. (See Figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  3. To represent an open fracture, position the distal section of the humerus so that the bone protrudes out the side. (See Figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  4. Replace the front half of the arm and secure it with the straps. The arm can now be positioned as desired for radiography.

Replacement Parts

LF01207U – Replacement Straps, Set of 2
LF01208U – Fracture Simulator, Arm Only
LF01209(A)U – Spiral Fracture, Bone Only
LF01209(B)U – Splinter Fracture, Bone Only

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