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NG Tube & Trach Skills Trainer - LF01174U
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The Nasco Life/form® NG Tube and Trach Skills Trainer offers students realistic experience in the insertion and management of both the nasogastric tube and tracheostomy tube. Endotracheal intubation may also be performed, as well as many other procedures involving the mouth, nose, and throat.


List of Components

  • NG Tube and Trach Skills Trainer
  • Clamp
  • 125 ml Squirt Bottle
  • Pump Spray Lubricant

Setting Up The Trainer

  1. Remove the back panel.
  2. Detach the squeeze bulb from the pulse tubing. Feed the plastic connector out the upper hole in the torso’s right side. Reattach the squeeze bulb.
  3. Feed the stomach tubing out the lower hole. Attach the tubing clamp.
  4. Replace the back panel.

Training With The NG Tube

  1. Always lubricate the tube with plenty of water-based lubricant before insertion. Nasco recommends a size 6 NG tube.
  2. When simulating feeding procedures, Nasco recommends using plain water.
  3. Be sure the stomach drain tubing is clamped shut before administering fluids.
  4. Once fluids are in the stomach, they may be suctioned out or drained via the tubing and clamp.
  5. To prevent damage to the tubing, be sure to open the stomach drain clamp fully before storing the trainer.
  6. Always drain the stomach completely and allow to air-dry before storing the trainer. This is easily done by removing the back panel and disconnecting the stomach bag from the esophagus. (See figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1: Twist clamp apart to open

Training With The Tracheostomy Tube

  1. The tracheostomy tube should be coated with plenty of water-based lubricant before insertion. Use only a size 6 French tracheostomy tube (LF01170U sold separately).
  2. The trachea may be suctioned. For added realism, mix thickener with water to the desired consistency to simulate tracheal secretions. Be sure to rinse and drain the airway thoroughly afterward.

Training With An ET Tube

The trainer will also accept a small adult endotracheal tube. Nasco recommends a size 6 mm ET tube. Always lubricate the airway and the tube with the spray provided before starting any procedures.

Care of The Trainer

  1. Do not allow the skin to come in contact with any printed material, including marker and ballpoint pen; inks will be absorbed, resulting in a permanent stain.
  2. Everyday soil may be removed with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. For stubborn soil, use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U, sold separately).
  3. Be sure all parts of the trainer are clean and dry before storage.
  4. To clean the airway, remove the back panel and disconnect the lungs, replacing them with the drainage tubing. (See figure 2.) Arrange the trainer so the tub in empties into a sink or basin. Rinse the airway thoroughly; the squirt bottle provided and a soft, flexible brush may be helpful for hard-to-reach areas. Allow all components to dry completely before storing the trainer.
  5. Figure 2 (left side) Trachea , Figure 3 (right side) Remove: wing nut, metal washer, rubber washer

    Figure 2 (left side) Trachea; Figure 3 (right side) Remove: wing nut, metal washer, rubber washer

  6. Most cleaning can be done with the trainer fully assembled. If you must remove the head:
    1. Remove the back panel and disconnect the stomach and lungs.
    2. From the inside, remove the wing nut and washers that hold the neck to the body. (See figure 3.)
    3. Remove the entire head assembly.
    4. To replace the head, reverse these steps, feeding the throat through the large hole and the bolt through the small hole. Position the esophagus slightly to one side of the trachea.
    5. Replace the rubber washer, metal washer, and wing nut in that order, and fasten securely. Reconnect the lungs and stomach.
  7. Exposure to extreme heat may result in deformation of the torso. Whenever possible, avoid leaving the trainer in hot environments, such as a car trunk, for long periods of time. If distortion does occur, gentle heating should restore the torso to its original shape.

Supplies and Replacement Parts

LF01170U – Adult Tracheostomy Tube
LF03644U – Pump Spray Lubricant
LF03774U – Thickener
LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner
LF01137U – Utility Bag, Large
LF01174(A)U – Replacement Lungs
LF01174(B)U – Replacement Stomach
LF03465U – Hard Carry Case
LF03466U – Soft Carry Case

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