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Venatech IV Trainer
LF01162U and LF01163U
Instruction Manual
Venatech IV Trainer - LF01162U and LF01163U
WARNING: Products may contain dry natural rubber.

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About The Trainer

The Venatech IV Trainer includes the three main veins used in phlebotomy – cephalic, basilic, and median cubital – all in correct anatomical position.

An arterial vessel is present on the trainer for arterial blood gas simulation, and can also be used as a tool for showing how to correct the puncture through a vein into an artery. Besides practicing phlebotomy skills, the trainer helps students learn essential patient communication skills, such as explaining the procedure to the patient, asking them to close their fist, etc.

Although this trainer will provide you with long trouble-free usage, the skin, veins, and artery can be easily replaced. Simply peel off the old skin, revealing the foam “core” with veins and artery, then remove old veins and artery. After installing replacement veins, artery, and skin, you have, literally, a brand new trainer. The life of the replaceable skin, veins, and artery will be prolonged by utilizing small needle sizes (such as 20- to 25-gauge). However, if instruction with larger needle sizes is required, this can be done; the skin, veins, and artery will merely need replacing sooner. Skin, vein, and artery kits are available through Nasco (see list of supplies).

Trainer Setup

  1. Mix the synthetic blood in two small containers, with 1⁄2 cup of water in each. Add a few granules of each color concentrate to the water in each container (red in one; blue in the other). Stir to dissolve the concentrate. Note: Trainer comes with enough blood concentrate for several uses.
  2. Fill a syringe with the red-colored fluid. Next, connect an empty syringe to the artery tube (lower right tube) and pull back on the plunger to evacuate the air in the tube. Pinch off the tube between the trainer and syringe with your fingers and remove the syringe. Attach the syringe with the red-colored fluid to the tube and release the tube, allowing the red fluid to charge the artery.
  3. Fill the other two syringes with blue fluid and connect one to the upper right tube, over the red syringe. Remove the red cap on the upper left tube. Inject one syringe of blue fluid completely through the system, catching it in the mixing cup as it exits the left tube. Replace the red cap. Pull the plunger all the way back and pinch off the tubing. Connect the full syringe of blue fluid. Release the tubing, allowing the fluid to pressurize the system.
  4. Gently push on the syringe plungers until you feel resistance (the plunger should move back if the chamber is pressurized). Use only light pressure to avoid forcing the red plug out of the tubing.
  5. Palpate for a vein.
  6. Insert the needle into a vessel and withdraw fluid. Note: If evacuated system is being used, fluid will rush into the test tube. If you are using a winged infusion set, flashback will be present in the tubing. If no flashback appears, gently push on the plunger.
  7. For arterial sticks, insert the needle of the syringe into the area under the vein on the right side and pull back on the plunger.

Care Of The Trainer

After each class use, disconnect the “blood” syringes and flush them with tap water. Next, remove the small red plug in the upper left tube and flush the tubes in the trainer with the syringes. The outside of the trainer may be washed with Ivory® liquid detergent and water. Be sure the trainer is dry and excess water is drained from the veins before storing in the box.

Ordinary stains can be removed by washing with soap and warm water. Newsprint, similar printed paper, or plastic will permanently stain the trainer if prolonged contact occurs. Stubborn stains may be removed with Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) by dispensing it on the area and wiping with a soft cloth or paper towel.


  1. The synthetic blood is specially formulated to be compatible with the self-sealing veins and plastics used in manufacturing the trainer.
  2. NEVER use synthetic blood for intramuscular injection.
  3. Do not use dull or burred needles, as these will cause leaks in the system. Burred needles will cause permanent damage. Use smaller needles (20- to 25-gauge).
  4. Do not allow “blood” to dry on the trainer – it may stain.
  5. Do not clean the trainer with solvents or corrosive materials, as they will cause damage.
  6. Do not use for subcutaneous injection. Nasco Intradermal Injection Simulator (LF01008U) is specially designed for intradermal injection training and practice.
  7. Use care when working with the blood concentrate; it will stain clothing.
  8. Use only light pressure on the syringes to avoid forcing the red plug out of the tubing.


The Life/form® Venatech IV Trainer is only intended for use in a teaching or other controlled environment in which the skills learned with the trainer are taught or evaluated. This trainer should only be used under the supervision of a properly qualified instructor or other health care professional proficient in the skills taught with the trainer.

Supplies and Replacement Parts

LF01165U – Light Skin, Vein, and Artery Replacement Kit
LF01166U – Dark Skin, Vein, and Artery Replacement Kit
LF01178U – Replacement Blood Kit, Red and Blue, pkg. of 5
LF01177U – Vein Replacement Kit
LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner