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Testicular Exam Simulator - LF01143

Front (left side), Back (right side)

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Care of the Simulator

For greatest realism, the outer skin of the simulator is soft and thin, and the underlying structures are delicate. Handle the model gently. You may find that a light dusting of baby powder gives the surface a more realistic feel. Be especially careful not to puncture the skin in any way, as this will result in the loss of the internal lubricant.

The simulator may be washed in a mild detergent solution if it becomes soiled. Rinse well and pat dry. Nasco Cleaner is recommended to remove more serious stains. Never set the simulator on any printed material, as this will cause permanent stains on the skin. The soft plastic may also stain paper or damage some finished surfaces after prolonged contact. For longest life and best results, clean, wrap, and store the simulator properly after each use.

Available Supplies

LF09919U Nasco Cleaner
LF01143(A)U Testicles Only