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Skin & Vein Replacement Kit
LF01140U – Light Skin
LF01147U – Dark Skin
LF01141U – Vein
Instruction Manual
Skin & Vein Replacement Kit
WARNING: Products may contain dry natural rubber.

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  1. Remove the two thumb screws that hold the hand on the stand. (See Figure 7.)
  2. Remove the old skin by cutting it with a pair of sharp scissors. Start at the wrist and cut up to the end of the middle finger. Carefully peel the old skin off the core and discard it.
  3. Remove the old “veins” from the grooves and discard them.


  1. Start installing the new tubing on the left side of the hand. Leave about 12" of excess tubing out of the vein channel. (See Figure 1.)
  2. The vein will follow the channel around the ring finger back down along the middle of the hand. (See Figure 2.) The vein continues around the lower loop at the wrist, back up around the thumb, and around the upper loop at the wrist. (See Figure 3.) Now the vein will overlap itself at the middle of the hand and continue around the middle finger. (See Figure 4.)
    FIGURE 1(top left-side); FIGURE 2 (top right-side); FIGURE 3 (bottom left-side); FIGURE 4 (bottom right-side)

    FIGURE 1 (top left-side); FIGURE 2 (top right-side); FIGURE 3 (bottom left-side); FIGURE 4 (bottom right-side)

  3. The vein will now go around the loop at the back of the hand and continue around the index finger. (See Figure 5.) Now run the vein down the channel to the wrist (the vein will overlap the two loops at the wrist) and out the end of the vein channel on the bottom of the wrist.
    Figure 5

    FIGURE 5


  1. Pour a portion of the lubricant into the skin, allowing the lubricant to run down the sides (pour only enough lubricant into the skin to completely coat the inside surface).
  2. Squeeze the skin between your hands. Work your hands back and forth, up and down the skin to coat the inside of the skin thoroughly with the lubricant.
  3. Grasping the skin as illustrated, slide the skin down over the core until the fingers are approaching the finger holes. (See Figure 6.)
    Work the skin on gently – pulling hard on the end of the skin can stretch or tear the material.
    Figure 6

    FIGURE 6

  4. As the skin is worked down over the core, be sure the tubing remains in the channels.
  5. Guide the fingers and thumb carefully into the proper holes as the skin is slipped further down on the core. If you encounter difficulty, simply slide the skin back an inch or two from the fingers and begin again.
  6. After the fingers are positioned in the hand, slide the skin over the remainder of the core to provide a snug fit.
  7. If air is trapped in the fingers, a 22-gauge needle can be used to puncture the fingertip and allow the air to escape.


Feel along the tubing channel to be certain that the tubing is properly seated. If it has slipped out of its channel while the skin was being pulled on, it can usually be moved back into position by working it with your fingers on the outside of the skin.

The ends of the tubing should emerge from the two holes provided in the skin at the bottom of the wrist.


Pull the skin snugly over the core. Check to be sure that the tubing has not become kinked. This can be done by blowing air in one end of the tubing and checking for air flow out the other end.

Warm water should be used to rinse away any excess lubricant remaining on the surface of the skin. Attach the hand to the stand with the thumb screws. (See Figure 7.)

Figure 7


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