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Cervical Dilatation/Effacement Simulators
LF01068U Instruction Card
Cervical Dilatation/Effacement Simulators - LF01068
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About the Simulators

The Life/form® Cervical Dilatation/Effacement Simulators are designed to facilitate the teaching, demonstration, and practice of cervical examination prior to birth. Every effort has been made to provide exceptional realism in these simulators so that the visual and tactile sensations experienced provide a positive transition to patient procedures. Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, or function as needed.

List of Components
  • Cervical Dilatation/Effacement Simulators (Set of 6)
  • Vinyl glove
  • Baby powder
  • Liquid soap
  • Acrylic stand
  • 6 zip-close bags
  • Storage case
  • Instruction card
  • Five-year warranty card
Internal Structure

The complete set of simulators consists of six separate pelvic blocks. The external appearance of all six blocks is identical with the variations occurring only within the internal structure. Internal texture, tissue density, and correct anatomical size are all carefully represented to provide the most realistic condition possible.

The simulators depict six different cervical conditions prior to birth. Each pelvic block is identified on the bottom to indicate which condition exists internally. (See figure 1.)

Figure 1


The different conditions depicted are:
   Stage 1: no dilation, no effacement
   Stage 2: 2 cm dilation, 50% effacement
   Stage 3: 2 cm dilation, full effacement
   Stage 4: 5 cm dilation, full effacement
   Stage 5: 7 cm dilation, full effacement
   Stage 6: 9 cm dilation, full effacement

With predetermined measurements of the internal cervical condition, all guesswork or estimating on the part of the student and instructor is eliminated. Everyone's tactile understanding of 2, 5, 7, and 9 cm dilation and effacement conditions is identical, eliminating misconceptions and inaccurate patient condition evaluations.

General Instructions for Use

The use of gloves and liberal use of lubricant teach and reinforce good practices and are essential to protect the physical properties of the simulators. Rough usage and lack of lubrication will generate tears in the soft tissue walls.

Care of the Simulators

Store simulators in clean plastic bags. The soft plastic used in the simulators does attract dust. Occasional dusting with baby powder will help reduce dust and dirt sticking to the simulator. As in a real situation, the user should practice care and good hygiene to assure the lasting life and clean appearance of the simulators.

Solvents or other corrosive materials will damage the simulators. Never place simulators on newsprint or any kind of printed paper or plastic. Avoid contact with ball-point pens. These materials will transfer an indelible stain.

Normal soil accumulated on the surface of the simulators can be removed with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to remove stubborn stains from simulators. Simply apply Nasco Cleaner to soiled area and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towels.


DO NOT use any petroleum-based lubricant. Such materials will cause rapid deterioration and permanent damage. Use Lubricant Kit (LF00985U) or Ivory® liquid detergent only.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF09919U Nasco Cleaner
LF00985U Lubricant Kit

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