Life/form® by Nasco Healthcare
Hemodialysis Practice Arm Skin & Vein Replacement Kit
Instruction Manual
Hemodialysis Practice Arm Skin & Vein Replacement Kit - LF01040
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List of Components

  • Replacement Skin
  • Lace Tie
  • Life/form® Lubricant
  • Vein Tubing

1. Remove Old Skin and Veins

  1. To remove the old skin from the arm, open the tie at the top end of the arm. Then, coat the exterior skin lightly with the lubricant and strip off the skin so that it will be inside out when you finish. (See figures 1 and 2.)
    Figure 1 (top) and Figure 2 (bottom)

    FIGURE 1 (top) and FIGURE 2 (bottom)

  2. Remove the old vein tubing by pulling the tubing out of the channel in the arm core.

2. Place New Tubing in Channel

Double the tubing to find the approximate center and place in the groove of the core, starting with the center of the tubing at the center of the front of the wrist. (See figure 3.)

Figure 3


3. Lubricate Skin

  1. Pour the remaining lubricant into the skin, allowing lubricant to run down the sides. (See figure 4.)
    Figure 4 (left) and Figure 5 (right)

    FIGURE 4 (left) and FIGURE 5 (right)

  2. Squeeze the skin between extended hands. Work hands back and forth, up and down the skin to coat the inside of the skin thoroughly. (See figure 5.)

4. Slide Skin On

  1. Grasping the skin with both hands, slide the skin down over the core until the fingers are approaching the finger hole. (See figure 6.)
    Figure 6

    FIGURE 6

    Caution: Work the skin on gently. Pulling hard on the end of the skin will stretch the material.
  2. As the skin is worked down over the core, the tubing may slip from the channel slightly. The tubing can usually be slipped back into position after the skin is slid completely onto the core.

5. Work Fingers into Place

Guide the fingers and thumb carefully into the proper holes as the skin is slipped further down on the core. (See figure 7.) If you encounter resistance, simply slide the skin back an inch or two from the fingers and begin again.

Figure 7 and Figure 8 (right)

FIGURE 7 and FIGURE 8 (right)

6. Draw Skin Tightly over Core

  1. After the fingers are positioned in the hand, slide the skin over the remainder of the core to provide a snug fit. (See figure 8.)
  2. If air is trapped in the fingers, a 22-gauge needle can be used to puncture the fingertip and allow the air to escape.

7. Check Tubing Location

Feel along the tubing channels to be certain that the tubing is properly seated. If it has slipped out of its channel, it can usually be moved back into position by working it with your fingers on the outside of the skin.

8. Position Ends of Tubing

Ends of the tubing should emerge from the center of the end of the core once the skin is tied. (See figure 9.)

Figure 9


9. Install Lace Tie and Rinse

  1. Thread the lace tie through the eyelets. (See figure 10.)
    Figure 10

    FIGURE 10

  2. Pull the skin snugly over the core and tie the lace to hold the skin in position. Check at this point to make sure that the tubing has not become kinked. Warm water should be used to rinse any excess lubricant remaining on the surface of the skin prior to use.
  3. If the skin stretches slightly during use, it can be tightened by retying the lace.