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Suture Practice Leg
Instruction Manual
Suture Practice Leg - LF01034
5-Year Warranty

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About the Simulator

This practice and demonstration suture leg should be considered disposable, but with proper care and treatment it will serve its purpose for a long period of time.

The three “wounds” provided should be considered only examples of what can be done. With a sharp scalpel, additional “wounds” can be cut at any depth or location. Each can be repeatedly sutured until the skin at any one site becomes so heavily perforated that it will no longer support more suturing.

The “wounds” can be “bandaged” with most standard adhesive bandages. Residual adhesive can be removed with Glue-Off (LF01023U).

Care of Simulator

  1. Do not use povidone-iodine prep solutions. These solutions will indelibly stain the leg.
  2. Cleaning – Use mild soap and water. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U).
  3. Stains – The soft vinyl skin stains easily. Avoid contact with newspaper or other printed materials.
  4. Use only Glue-Off (LF01023U) to remove residual adhesive from bandaging. Apply a thin coat. Allow to dry. Rub off in circular motion.
  5. Storage – When not in continuous use, it is recommended to store the simulator in the storage box furnished, or cover it with a cloth or sheet of plastic.