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Female Cath-Ed II Simulator
Instruction Manual
Female Cath-Ed II Simulator - LF01026
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About the Simulator

The Life/form® Cath-Ed II Simulator, like its companion Cath-Ed I for male catheterization, combines both visual and tactile learning into one compact unit to provide the most advanced training aid available for demonstrating and practicing catheterization of the female.

Accurate representation of anatomical detail is provided and insured in this casting made from molds formed directly from an actual cadaver dissection, prepared by Dr. James Petterson, Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.

The midsagittal dissection allows detailed study of the internal structures and provides students an opportunity to understand what happens when they catheterize a patient. The removable plastic cover identifies key anatomical structures.

In addition to the demonstrated gross anatomy, Cath-Ed II allows realistic practice in catheterization. The vulva has been molded intact to allow practice in identifying the urethra and proper spreading of the labia. A functional bladder has been incorporated to allow simulated urine to flow when the catheter is inserted properly.

Cath-Ed II should provide years of service in training personnel in female catheterization without danger of discomfort to patients.

NOTE: Original sponsorship for the development of this product was furnished by Dover Products.

List of Components

  • Life/form® Lubricant Kit
  • 16 Foley French Catheter
  • 50 cc Syringe

General Instructions for Use

A. Lubrication

  1. Proper lubrication is very important, just as it is with a real patient. Before every catheterization, a liberal amount of lubricant should be dispensed onto the catheter.
  2. For the first catheterization attempt of each session, it may be necessary to withdraw the catheter after insertion halfway into the urethra, and then to apply additional lubricant to be carried into the final sector of the artificial urethra. (See figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

CAUTION: Do not use petroleum-based lubricants, as they will damage the simulator.

B. Catheterization

  1. The Cath-Ed II is designed to accept only 16 Foley French Catheters like the one supplied with the simulator. To prevent damage to the simulator, use a 16 FR catheter or smaller. A resistance, similar to the urethral sphincter, will be felt just prior to entrance into the bladder. (See figure 2.) The most realistic tactile experience will result with the use of a 16 FR catheter.
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  2. Placement of the catheter can be verified visually in the bladder.

C. Foley Catheters

  1. Proper inflation and placement of the Foley catheter cuff can be demonstrated very effectively with the bladder cross section. (See figure 3.)
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  2. To prevent damage to the simulator when using the Foley style catheter, be certain that the inflatable cuff is fully inside the bladder before inflating. Never attempt to remove the catheter while cuff is inflated or the delicate simulated urethra will be damaged.
  3. After a few inflations, the cuff will be stretched and will interfere with proper operation of the catheter, which may cause damage to the simulator. Replace catheters frequently.

Care of Simulator

A. General Cleaning

  1. Most dirt and stains can be removed from the vinyl simulator with mild soap and water. Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to remove stubborn stains from simulator. Simply spray soiled area and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towels.
  2. The clear plastic cover should be cleaned only with clear water and wiped with a soft paper wipe or facial tissue.
  3. Do not use povidone-iodine prep solutions, as these will cause permanent staining to the simulator.

B. Cleaning Urethra

  1. As the lubricant utilized is water based, it will dry if left in urethra and may be difficult to soften and remove. It is recommended that the collected lubricant be flushed from the inside of the urethra following each usage session. This can easily be done by removing the plastic snap-on cover and squirting tap water through the urethra with a 50 cc bulb syringe. (See figure 4.)
    Figure 4

    FIGURE 4

  2. If the lubricant is dried on, it may be necessary to work a small diameter catheter through the urethra while flushing water.

C. Cover Removal

  1. To remove the clear plastic cover, pull the bottom lip up. (See figure 5.) To assemble, line up the self-fastening dots on top with the dots on the simulator. Push into place.
    Figure 5

    FIGURE 5

D. Storage and Transportation

  1. Before returning the simulator to its storage case, all fluid should be drained. Remove both blue plugs and invert model over sink to drain.
  2. Replace both plugs before storing. Never store with catheter inserted in urethra as lubricant will dry out and damage may result upon removal.


Solvents or corrosive materials will damage simulator. Never place simulator on any printed paper or plastic. These materials will transfer indelible stains. Ball-point pens will also make indelible stains.

Supplies/Replacement Parts for Cath-Ed I Simulator

LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner
LF00985U – Life/form® Lubricant Kit
LF01127U – Foley Catheter, 16 FR. 5 cc - Pkg. of 1
LF01128U – Foley Catheter, 16 FR. 5 cc - Pkg. of 10