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Canine IV Leg
Instruction Manual
Canine IV Leg - LF01016
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  1. Press the vein tubing into the channel, making sure it is not twisted or pinched. Do NOT unwrap tubing. (See Figure 1.)
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  2. Pull one of the leg sleeves over the vein area, with seams toward the bottom. The smooth sleeve represents shaved skin.
  3. Mix a scoop of blood powder with one cup of water. Caution: Dye will stain skin and fabric.
  4. Open the stopcock on one of the IV bags (Bag A) and use the 20 cc syringe to fill the bag. Close the stopcock and remove the syringe. (See Figure 2.)
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  5. Set up the IV stand as shown and hang Bag A. Attach the stopcock to the upper vein.
  6. Attach the stopcock of the empty bag (Bag B) to the lower vein. For best results, Bag B should be at vein level or below.
  7. Open both stopcocks and allow blood to flow until free of bubbles. Close stopcock B, leaving stopcock A open. The trainer is now ready for practice. (See Figure 3.) Correct catheter insertion will result in blood flashback. To administer IV fluids, connect the catheter to a supply bag (not included), then close stopcock A and open stopcock B.
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

  8. When Bag A is empty, close both stopcocks, switch the positions of Bag A and Bag B, and open the stopcock on the hanging bag.
  9. After training, drain all blood from the system. Blood may be stored and reused.


  1. Never use alcohol or other solutions on the trainer; prep sites with water only.
  2. Always use the smallest needles possible. Large-bore or dull needles will increase leakage and shorten the life of the tubing.
  3. The leg core and sleeves may be washed gently in soapy water. Rinse well, then air dry.
  4. Flush the tubing and IV bags with clear water and drain before storing.
  5. The equipment supplied with this simulator is intended for training purposes only. Never use on live animals or humans.

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