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Intradermal Injection Simulator
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Instruction Manual
Intradermal Injection Simulator - LF01008
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About this Simulator

The simulator features eight sites for practicing intracutaneous injections – four on the inner and four on the outer aspect of the forearm. If fluid is properly injected, a characteristic skin welt will form. The welt is removed by withdrawing the fluid after practice. Each site is reusable.

eight sites for practicing intracutaneous injections

List of Components

  • Intradermal Injection Simulator
  • 3 cc Syringe with Needle
  • 2-oz. Intradermal Sealant

General Instructions for Use

It is recommended you use distilled water as an injection fluid with the simulator.

Procedures That Can Be Performed On The Simulator

Intradermal or intracutaneous injections involve the injection of small amounts of material into the dermis of the skin. This procedure is used for diagnostic procedures, allergy tests, and administration of regional anesthetics. Fluid is then injected to produce a small bleb just under the skin, which causes a visible welt on the outer skin surface. (See figure 1.) Remove fluid from the welt by withdrawing the fluid after practice.

Figure 1


Care of The Intradermal Sites

Puncturing the skin with needles forms small slits or cuts which will eventually lead to deterioration. Should leakage occur, perform the following steps:

  1. Using the supplied intradermal sealant and supplied 22-gauge syringe, remove the needle end of the syringe by twisting at the Luer Lock.
  2. With the needle removed, insert the open end of the syringe into the intradermal sealant.
  3. Pull back on the plunger to load the syringe with the sealant.
  4. Replace the needle on the syringe twisting at the Luer Lock.
  5. Insert the syringe into the intradermal site in the same manner you would to perform procedures.
  6. Inject the intradermal sealant into a blister dot. Note: This will require more pressure applied on the syringe than the typical procedure to form a blister dot.
  7. Remove the syringe, leaving the sealant inside the intradermal site.
  8. Rub any excess or leaked intradermal sealant on the skin surface to seal surface holes.
  9. Allow to set overnight.
  10. Withdraw remaining intradermal sealant and the intradermal site is ready for practice.


Normal surface soil can be removed with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Use Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U) to remove stubborn stains. Simply apply the Nasco Cleaner to the soiled area and wipe with a clean, soft paper towel. DO NOT clean the simulator with solvents or corrosive material, as they will cause damage.


NEVER place the simulator on any kind of printed paper or plastic. These materials, as well as ballpoint pens, will transfer indelible stains. Certain antiseptics will also leave an indelible stain or cause damage to the simulator.

Supplies and Replacement Parts

LF01009U – 2-oz. Intradermal Sealant
LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.