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Cricothyrotomy Simulator
Instruction Manual
Cricothyrotomy Simulator - LF00994
5-Year Warranty

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List of Components

  1. Case
  2. Stand
  3. Upper Neck with Pins
  4. 2 Small Towelettes
  5. 2-oz. Lubricant
  6. 6 Neck Skins
  7. 6 Adult Cricoids with Tubing, 2 open and 4 closed
  8. 6 Child Cricoids with Tubing, 2 open and 4 closed
  9. Child Lung Bag
  10. Adult Lung Bag

About the Simulator

The upper neck of the simulator is made from a soft core material that is reusable for multiple trainings. The landmarks of the neck are palpable through the thin lifelike skin. Complete with both open and closed adult and child cricoids to enhance training procedures. Surgical cricothyrotomy or needle cricothyrotomy can be performed to establish a definitive airway. This simulator can also support a permanent tracheostomy appliance.

Set Up

  1. Remove blue case from shipping container, unwrap the simulator and retain any desired packaging for future use.
  2. Place the upper neck securely onto the stand.
  3. Select an open or closed adult or child criocoid cartilage. If indicated depending on the training procedure, the tubing can be removed.
  4. Place cricoid into neck starting with the tubing in a downward motion. (See figure 1.) Slide into place until cricoid is set into the neck.
    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

  5. Place a neck skin on top of the cricoid. Secure the neck skin by attaching it via the holes onto the neck pins on each side of the neck. (See figure 2.) With proper use, the cricoid may be used multiple times. Turn the tubing with pliers to cut the other side of the tubing. Remove the tube to use the other end. Use the supplied lubricant to reinsert tubing if fully removed.
    Figure 2

    FIGURE 2

  6. Connect lung bag to end of tube. (See figure 3.)
    Figure 3

    FIGURE 3

General Instructions for Use

Identifying Landmarks

The simulator replicates a patient lying supine with the head in a neutral midline position. The thyroid cartilage (Adam’s Apple) can be felt with the cridoid membrane space below. (See figure 4.)

Figure 4


Surgical Cricothyrotomy

Use the recommended scalpels for the procedure performed. (See figure 5.)

Figure 5


Use the included lubricant on airway appliances. (See figure 6.) Install the provided adult or child lung bag to determine the confirmed airway via the appropriate BVM (scalpels, airway appliances, and BVMs sold separately).

Figure 6


Needle Cricothyrotomy

A 20-22 gauge needle can be used through the cricothyroid membrane to confirm an airway. (See figure 7.) Larger or smaller sized needles can be used as would be medically indicated; the cricoid and trachea tubing will require more frequent replacement.

Figure 7


Tracheostomy Tube Placement

Five tracheal rings are presented on the adult cricoid replica, and six tracheal rings on the child, for placement of a permanent tracheostomy. Nasco recommends the adult tracheostomy tube 5-6 mm Shiley and 3-4 mm Shiley for the child. (See figure 8.)

Figure 8


Care and Maintenance

Clean upper neck, cricoids, and neck skins with mild soap and water. For stubborn stains apply Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U, sold separately) to the stained area and wipe with a clean cloth.

The clear base can be cleaned using glass cleaner. Ensure the base is completely dry before returning the simulator to the base.


Make sure products are clean and dry before returning to the case. Place unused cricoids and neck skins into resealable bags. A light dusting of baby powder will keep the products from becoming tacky. Store the upper neck covered in unprinted plastic for elongated periods of time. Place all components into the blue storage case.


Ink, ballpoint pen, and certain printed paper and plastics will leave an indelible stain when in contact with the Cricothyrotomy Simulator.

Simulate prepping (using water) the trainer at the beginning of the procedure like you would clean a person in a real scenario. Iodine or similar antiseptics may stain the trainer, thus voiding the warranty.

Trouble Shooting

Use lubricant to place tubing back into cricoid. Use pliers to help remove tubing by firmly pulling. Use provided lubricant to help glide any tubing into the trainer.

Remove the lung bag, if used, before replacing the cricoid.

Never pull entire cricoid down through the small hole at the bottom of the upper neck. This will damage the trainer thus voiding the warranty.

Supplies/Replacement Parts

LF00994(A)U – 6 Neck Skins
LF00994(B)U – 6 Adult Cricoids with Tubing, 2 open and 4 closed
LF00994(C)U – 6 Child Cricoids with Tubing, 2 open and 4 closed
LF04096U – Adult or Child Lung Bag
LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner

Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.