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Advanced Breast Exam Simulator - LF00980
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About the Simulator

The Nasco Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator offers realism for teaching both clinical and self-breast examination. Tumors of varying sizes, shapes, and densities can be inserted for an expanded combination of teaching scenarios.


List of Components

  1. Underbody
  2. Right and Left Breast Inserts
  3. Overlay Skin
  4. Tumor Set (“Lumps”)
    Nine Pink (Soft)
    Nine White (Medium)
    Nine Red (Hard)
    Nine Brown (Normal Tissue)
    One Black (Invasive)
    Small Tumor Case
  5. Baby Powder (4 oz.)
  6. Hard Carry Case


  • Supine positioned torso with bilateral axilae access
  • Palpable ribs, sternum, and clavicles
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the axillary and subclavicular area
  • Inflamed Peau d’ Orange
  • Inverted left nipple
  • Skin dimpling and asymmetry
  • Set Up

    The Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator has been designed for supine examination, but may also be used standing upright if desired. Training may be done with or without the overlay skin. The protective film wrapped around the breast inserts will need to be removed prior to use. It is recommended that film is kept on inserts when storing the trainer. This will prevent oiliness and possible damage to the overlay skin and underbody. (See figure 1.)

    Figure 1

    FIGURE 1

    1. A light dusting of baby powder on the skin and breast inserts will reduce any tackiness for a more lifelike feel and easier assembly. (See figure 2.)
      Figure 2

      FIGURE 2

    2. The simulator is supplied with different sized “lumps” in soft (pink), medium (white), and hard (red) densities. The extra-soft (brown) lumps cannot be palpated, but may be placed in any empty cavity to represent normal tissue.

      Note: The simulator is shipped with seven of the brown lumps already installed in the breast insert cavities. The black lump represents an invasive tumor that has attached to the chest wall. It may be inserted into any of the four holes drilled into the underbody. (See figure 3.)
      Figure 3

      FIGURE 3

    3. To change lumps, remove the outer skin and turn over the breast insert. Place the selected lumps into the corresponding cavities in the back (see figure 4), then replace the breast insert and skin. Lumps may also be placed at other locations in the breast, so long as they do not interfere with the fit of the insert on the underbody.
      Figure 4

      FIGURE 4

    4. External examinations should be practiced with the overlay skin in place. If desired, the skin may be removed and the breast tissue palpated directly for the most sensitive tumor differentiation. (See figure 5.)
      Figure 5

      FIGURE 5

    Figure 1

    Tumor Type and Location Guide

    1. Axillary lymph node
    2. 3 cm stellate
    3. 2 x 3 cm oval (fibroadenoma)
    4. 2 cm round, superficial (cyst)
    5. 2 cm round, deep
    6. Subclavicular lymph node
    7. Axillary lymph node
    8. 1 cm round, superficial
    9. 3 cm irregular, extends to chest wall with dimpling
    10. 1 cm round, superficial
    11. Inverted nipple
    12. 1 cm round, deep
    13. Peau d’ orange (IBC)

    Care of Simulator

    1. All components of the trainer may be washed in warm water and mild soap or detergent. Avoid hard scrubbing on painted areas. Never use solvents, abrasives, or harsh cleaners. Stubborn soil may be removed with Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U).
    2. Allow all components to air dry completely.
    3. Replace plastic film to clean, dry breast inserts before storage.
    4. Store clean and dry components in the hard carry case.


    1. The breast inserts are soft and lifelike and must be handled with care. Finger pressure in excess of that which would be used on a real patient may damage the trainer. Long fingernails may also tear the material.
    2. Do not allow the outer skin to contact any inks or printed material; these will cause indelible stains.
    3. The soft material of the breast inserts and lumps may leave oily stains on paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces after prolonged contact.
    4. Avoid storing or transporting the trainer where it will be subjected to extreme heat. This may result in softening and deformation of the plastic underbody.
    5. Nasco cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by mistreatment of the simulator.

    Actual product may vary slightly from photo. Nasco reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

    Available Supplies

    LF00980(A)U – Left Breast Replacement
    LF00980(B)U – Right Breast Replacement
    LF00980(C)U – Replacement Tumor Set: 9 White Lumps; 9 Pink Lumps; 9 Brown Lumps; 9 Red Lumps, & 1 Black Lump
    LF09919U – Nasco Cleaner