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Single Breast Exam
LF00970U & LF00977U
Instruction Card
Single Breast Exam - LF00970U & LF00977U
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Front & Back Views

Front View (left image), Back View (right image)
1 - small round, 2 - large round, 3 - large irregular, 4 - fi xed chest wall, 5 - inflammatory breast cancer

  1. Insert the SOFT PINK or BROWN lumps into the respective cavities to represent NORMAL tissue.
  2. Insert the MEDIUM WHITE or HARD RED lumps to represent benign cysts or cancerous lesions.
  3. Plug the RED CHEST WALL lump into the hole in the base to represent a tumor that has grown onto the chest wall.
  4. A light dusting of baby powder will give the trainer a more lifelike feel.
  5. The trainer may be washed in soap and warm water if it becomes soiled.
  6. The simulated breast tissue may leave an oily residue when in contact with cloth, paper, or other surfaces. Store the trainer on its base in the plastic bag provided.

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